Sunday, June 15, 2008

And the Storm Rages On...

Greetings all, I have to be honest I write this blog with tearfilled eyes. First I want to say that our faith is unshaken and our Hope is strong! Disappointed, Yes, but not Afraid! The operation this morning did not go as we had hoped. Cate's heart is not ready. Neither one of the ventricals are pumping like they should. The right ventricle is not pumping correctly due to the large amount of muscle that was removed, but the left vetricle could have been one of two things: 1) its just simply exhausted from the surgery or 2) that there might be some coranary artery issues. He ordered a Heart Catheterization which is where they inject dye into her blood and take pictures of her heart. He said Coronary Artery is fine, which is really good news, we don't need another surgery right now, but at the sametime its frustrating cause it means that we have to wait longer and we are still not completely certain what is going on. Yes, Cate is still on the Ecmo machine and a ventilator and will be for the next couple of days for sure. The surgeon wants her heart to rest for a couple of days before they try anything again. The words its a marathon are ringing very true right now. We have only been in this for 3 days now and it feels like a month. We are tired, dehydrated (by our own doing, DANG YOU STARBUCKS) and hungry, something that I don't frequently experience, and this is only day 3. This afternoon Ali and I's emotions have been running wild, I sat on the bed at the hotel and cried, LOUDLY, for fifteen minutes, I just want to see her smile, I want to hear her laugh, I want to feel her little hand on my face, but I can't and that is just hard right now. I know that we are in the best place we could be, so I have to take some comfort in that. I know that all of you are praying deligently, and I am grateful for that. Our friend who is a fellow here at TCH came by on his day off when he heard about how the morning went, He has been calling getting updates on her. He took one look at me and said, no more coffee, 2 large bottles of water, 2 larger bottles of gatorade, and you need to go to bed right now. He asked me how much sleep i have gotten since friday, I thought about it, 6 to 8 hours, he said GO TO BED. He said, your little girl is on the "circuit" that is shoptalk for the Echmo machine, he said she is on cruise control right now, does it suck, yes, is there anything you can do, no. He reminded us again that this is a marathon and we must pace ourselves. I think we are going to take the evening to rest, thank you all for your comments, you really don't know how much they mean to Ali and I, they truly give us encouragement right now. I have to be ask a huge favor, Please do not forget about Cate or Us, we need you, in a day, a two, or three, we will still be here and we will still need you praying for Baby Cate and Us. Ali and I have said on many different occassions that we have truly felt your spiritual support and we will continue to need it in the days and weeks to come, so that is my request, please be deligent with us, because we NEED you! Our faith is not Shaken by todays events, Our hope is not weakend in the least bit! Today as we got the news that Cate was going to have to stay on the machine and tears filled my eyes I looked through the glass doors of the waiting room and there stoody Deacon Ed Gosline, a dear friend of mine's dad, and he had in his hand a pyx with the Holy Eucharist in it, it was like in the midst of the the waves crashing in, there was Jesus, my calmer. I walked over and just cried on Deacon Ed's should as he held the Eucharist close to my heart. So we will remain faithful to our faithful God. I got to see Cate a few minutes ago and she looks beautiful. They cleaned her up and put a little blanket under her, so you know what, the world is good. My girl is resting, her heart is resting, and before long her mommy and daddy will be resting. We love you guys, please stay with us during this time!


Ana said...

Charlie and Ali,

The Black-Celis Family from St. Laurence is praying for you and will continue to do so. I'm on the Medical Center side of town a lot because I work close to there. If there is anything you EVER need (home cooked meal or whatever) please, let me know.

You, Ali and Cate are in my thoughts and prayers.

In Christ's Love,
Ana Black

Anonymous said...

We're still with you! ALWAYS. Thank you for taking us with you on this marathon, Charlie and Ali and Baby Cate. Get some rest! We love you and continue to pray with you and for you.

Love in the Beating Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
The Bartas

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting all of this, but most of all for keeping it real and honest. It's beautiful the way the Lord is revealing His heart for Cate through you and in all the prayers of your family and friends.
We love you Charlie and Ali.....
Praying for guardian angels to be with Ella and Dude as well...

Perks said...

I am w/you in prayer.

Peace be with you...

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you that everything will turn out alright.

Darcy said...

We will keep praying for Cate and the rest of you. Thank you for the updates. My kids are remembering cate at all prayer times throughout the day. God bless you all!
Morgan and Darcy

Anonymous said...

Praying for your precious Cate.

Dr. Jorge Salazar was our daughter's surgeon 4 years ago when he was still in San Antonio at Christus Santa Rosa working with Dr. John Calhoon. He is brilliant!!! God sent you to a gifted doctor.

I know it is hard to do, but you must take care of yourselves because you aren't any good to your daughter or anyone else if you collapse from exhaustion, so please take your friend's advice and drink, eat and sleep. Rest in the Lord and know that His plans and timing are perfect.

God Bless You,

Sara Landreneau said...

Charlie & Ali - Our prayers are with you and your beautiful family. Stay strong.

Sara & Ben Kleinpeter

Laura said...

Charlie and Ali....we will not leave you alone. We are going through this with you. You are right, your beautiful Jesus in the Eucharist came to you when He knew you needed him most. It's all's all true. No one will forget your little lamb.

Father Chester dedicated an entire Mass for her at Wisdom today. The Carmelites are on their knees. We are in the marathon with you.

Love, Ms. Laura

Anonymous said...

Ali and Charlie,
Know we are all praying for you from St. Thomas More. So many have offered to help so just say the word when you are ready - we can provide whatever you may need- water, Gatorade, yummy home cooked food and Starbucks! Mostly we are and will be praying at Mass and in the chapel for you all diligently. Thanks you so much for sharing your faith and your journey. The Heart of our Blessed Mother and our Lord have surrounded Caste’s heart and the angels are with her. REST!!!
Peace be with you both.
May God bless you and keep you and guide you always,
Kim, Alyson & Andy Muncy

Erin said...

Charlie & Ali,
We aren't going anywhere you both were always here everyone especially through Lifeteen. Not to mention I've known Ali since I can remember! I'm going to go to The Academy tomorrow and leave an intention in the shine! BE STRONG!! You both are amazing role models to everyone and should be proud of yourselves! Love, Erin Dawson

Kristin said...

Ali & Charlie,

We know and understand that same terrible feeling of anxiety you both must be experiencing as you stand aside and watch all of the brilliant nurses and doctors treat your precious daughter. Take comfort in knowing that she is in the best of hands. We are praying that your precious Cate will continue to have small miracles of progress in each and every moment. May our good Lord continue to give you strength and comfort during this marathon.

Kristin & Bryan Boudreaux

ali said...

Charlie and Ali,

I am heading to staff Service Crew for Steubenville South minutes from now. You guys know what all of that is guys know how many people are there. I will make it my goal throughout Service Crew week and the conference weekend to ask for as many prayers as I possibly can. You are not forgotten. While this is only the beginning of the marathon for you all, it is only the beginning of the prayers. We are still praying, and a whole crew of people are about to jump on the train.

Peace to you.

+ali reed

Anonymous said...

God bless you through this storm. Your words are lovely, and beautiful, and even through your tense moments you are giving hope, and in turn bringing grace into the world because of the prayers for Cate.

Anonymous said...

Charlie & Ali,
Since we heard of Cate's surgery, we have kept you in our hearts and prayers and promise to continue to do so. We will offer up all of our Rosaries and Masses for little Cate and for both of you and your other children. Tina's mom is on a pilgrimage to Lourdes right now, and we will make sure she places your precious intentions in the heart of our Mother Mary at her holy shrine.
Jude & Tina Mayeux and girls

Tara said...

Thank you for your updates. We are continuously praying and will pray for as long as you need. I wish there was more we could do for you guys right now. Know that we love you so much.
Love, Tara

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali:

You and your sweet Cate will NOT be forgotten. Your prayer warriors are standing firm with you. We have never met, and I don't think I have ever felt so called to prayer as I have been these last three days for you and your precious family. Our Father is uniting us as we pray for you and reminding us that we are the Body of the risen Christ on earth. How could we forget you? Rest well and be at peace in knowing that the vigil is being kept in prayer.

Ann said...

Still praying and thinking of you....We won't stop praying!
Mike and Anna

aimee said...

Ali and Charlie,

We are running this race with you to the finish line. Your faith through this storm is and will continue to change lives and win souls for the Kingdom. We are crying and rejoicing with you.

Aimee and Phil Landreneau

Joey and Jennifer Routh said...

Charie and Ali,
On this father's day I can only think of the blessings that us fathers have in our children but also this amazing responsibility of caring for these children. Charlie thank you on this day for taking all of us on this journey/marathon with you. Know that you, Ali and Cate will be deeply in our prayers.
Joey and Jenn Routh

JEN said...

Praying hard for YOU and your BABY GIRL!

Jen Frerich

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali,

Praying hard for you. I offered an hour in front of Jesus today for Cate and your family. And i prayed to every single saint i could think of for intercession on her behalf. I continue to think of you and your family in my heart and in my prayers almost every second of the day. Stay strong, surrender yourself to Christ. If there's one thing i promise it's that i won't forget you, and i won't. My prayer and my heart goes out to your whole family.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,
Nick Noe

Anonymous said...

Constant prayers from us. We hold you in our hearts continually. Stay close to the Sacred Heart of Christ.
Kate and David Garcia

Anonymous said...

Charlie & Ali,

Thank you for the updates; it allows us to walk with you through this journey. I can almost feel your presence when I am reading your beautiful words with heartfelt emotion. You, Ali & Cate have been on my mind all day and we will continue to keep all of you in our prayers. I pray you get the rest you need while God watches over your little one.

Happy Father's Day to you - you are one special dad!

God Bless you & keep you strong,
Mike & Martha Marse

Megs said...

Charlie and Ali,

Continued prayers from the Perkins Family as we journey with you through this storm. My prayers tonight will be that you get the rest your bodies need despite how difficult you may find it to sleep.

And do not fret ... no one is leaving you now. Hayes reminded me last night as we were saying our bedtime prayers that Baby Cate was on our list! Six-year-olds are with you too!

Megan, Jason, Hayes, Mary Elizabeth and Samuel Perkins

Anonymous said...

May God be w/ you. Will continue to pray.

Allyson said...

Charlie, Ali, and family,
You don't know me, but I joined the group Ms. Laura created months ago on facebook for Baby Cate. I have tapped into this network of faithful prayer warriors before, and I know how amazing it is to feel the prayers that you don't hear being prayed. All of you are in my prayers. Every time I get irritated or stressed out during the day, I think of you and say a prayer. Know that you have the support of family and friends who you know well and some you have never met. Thanks for inspiring me with your courage, hope, and faith. God is touching each of us through you just as he strengthens your family through the prayers of so many. May He continue to bless you.

Brittany Hyde said...

Ali and Charlie,

I have been saying rosaries whenever possible since Friday. Please be assured that you and your family are not forgotten. Your faith is so beautiful. I can see all of the lives that Baby Cate has touched in the few months she has been here. You all are deeply in my prayers. Keep clinging to his Cross.

Your sister in Christ,
Brittany Hyde

Lindsay Hickman said...

Charlie and Ali,
We are keeping you and your beautiful baby girl in our prayers. You guys are warriors and are such a witness to all of us.

Trusting in Jesus,
Ben and Lindsay Hickman

chrisrob123 said...

Charlie and Ali,
Know that you are in our prayers and your beautiful family as well, especially Cate...
Robert and Christine Halphen

Lacey Mire said...

Charlie and Ali,
My family and I have been packing for weeks now getting ready to move to a new house. It has been stressful, hot, tiring, and heartbreaking leaving our home. I know it isn't even close to what to what you two are experiencing; but know that I am offering up every little second of it for Cate and your family. Keep up the strength. Your faith is amazing and inspiring! In Him, Lacey Mire

Paola said...

Dear Charlie & Ali,
I was definitely thinking of baby Cate tonight at mass. Know of my prayers for your family. Gosh, I graduated from Nursing school a little over a year ago and I'm a pediatric nurse. I've seen many families go through similar situations and my heart truly goes out to you. Juts know that you are loved so much and God has baby Cate's heart in His mighty and loving hands.
*2 Cor 4:16-18*

There's a song by a band called Skillet, it's called "You are my Hope," I wanted to share the lyrics with you. If you get a chance to listen to it, it's really powerful. Here it is:

*You are my Hope*

Times are hard
Times have changed
Don't you say
But I keep holding on to you
It's hard to keep the faith alive day to day
Leaning on the strength I've found in you
You're the hope of all the Earth

You are my hope
You are my strength
You're everything
Everything I need
You are my hope
You are my life
You are my hope
You are my hope

Far beyond what I can see or comprehend
Etching your eternity in me
Nations stream and angels sing, "Jesus reigns"
And every knee bows down
You're the hope of all the Earth

You are my hope
You are my strength
You're everything
Everything I need
You are my hope
You are my life
You are my hope
You are my hope

Carry on and I sing of how
You love and I love you now
All the times that I start to sink
You come and you rescue me
You are my hope
You are my hope

Rest in Jesus. Much love and payers,
Paola :)

cecilia said...

you may not remember cecilia tinajero from texas. but i have been praying for your family through all of this...i somehow heard through facebook. anyway, i just thought right now was the time to let you know that people that you dont even realize are praying for you and ali and baby cate. please take care of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

We're with you till the end. It's our privelege to run this marathon with you.

Love, The Reinhardts

Anonymous said...

We are praying God's healing hand will restore Cate's health and His love & mercy will give you strength.
We love you much.

Newman family

Anonymous said...

We are praying God's healing hand will restore Cate's health and His love & mercy will give you strength.
We love you much.

Newman family

Anonymous said...

We are praying God's healing hand will restore Cate's health & His love & mercy will give you strength. We love you.

Newman family

Whistler said...

grace joy peace...
faith hope & love in Christ through Maria,

Anonymous said...

Sending you & your family my thoughts & prayers from Florida. Please take care of yourself so you can be there for your family. I can't wait until you post the good news that Cate is better & back home.

Anonymous said...

Charlie, I'm just picturing the staff laughing at (with) you and loving you, Ali and your precious baby Cate. Do not be afraid, we are ALL with you - majorly...and have not and will not stop praying. p.s. All of the sisters in Nashville are praying too!!
We love you guys. You are amazing. Thanks for teaching us all how to live faith. Missy

glenda said...

Hello Ali and Charlie,
I too am still here and still praying for you all. Hang in there.
Glenda R.

Mary said...

Charlie & Ali...Our hearts & prayers are with Baby Cate & her beautiful and loving family. We will always be here for you. Stay strong. God Bless you, Mary and David Reed

Anonymous said...

Charlie, Ali, and Cate
I have been praying since the surgery started and updated the whole Barta family today about Cate's condition. I am praying for you all, especially as I take care of my own ICU patients. The waiting and watching is so hard, but God is bigger than this and has a hand in everything. Your hope and faith that is expressed in these updates fills my heart with joy because I know that God is the only way to get through all of this.I love you and will continue praying!
Angela Barta

Anonymous said...

Charlie & Ali,

We have you and Baby Cate in our thoughts and our prayers.

Love Grandpa and Ms. Mattie

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali,
You have all my prayers and support until you cross the finish line of this marathon. I'm praying for you guys constantly.
Jackie Drilling

Anonymous said...

Keep Strong! we are praying for you guys. we ask that you will be filled with peace and grace and that Cate will be given the strenght to survive.

Anonymous said...

Ali and Charlie,
My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family as well as with Cate's doctors and nurses.

With love and prayers,
Blanche Boudreaux

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali,
Precious Baby Cate has not left my thoughts and prayers since early Friday morning, and she's not gonna! She is so blessed to have such amazing parents! Yall are in my prayers too. Happy Father's Day!

Kelly Clark

Anonymous said...

Charlie & Ali,

Thank you for keeping us posted, we are all praying for you and Baby Cate.

Sheilah, Saninne & Duane Broussard

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali,

All your teens at St. Laurence are praying for you and Cate. You are so loved and are giving all of us such a witness of faith. We will not forget to pray, we will flood heaven with our prayers.


Anonymous said...

I just heard about your baby Cate today from a text from Ben Walther. I cannot imagine what you are going through.
I just said some prayers for your beautiful daughter. Hang in there. God's will be done.
Martin Nguyen and family

volpecircus said...

Charlie and family:
Cate and your family are in our family's daily prayers as well as our homeschooling group here in PA. May Our Lord give you the peace only He can give.

In Christ through Mary, Jim and Heather Volpe and kids

Anonymous said...

We won't ever leave you man! your stuck with us sorry...We love you brother and your little girl

Parrain and Nanny

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali,
You don't know me, but I'm an aquaintance of Laura Lahaye. She has kept us posted on your daughter's battle and your family's struggle with all of this. I offer my prayers to you and your family in Jesus' name. I also would like to refer you to a scripture. Scripture is the sword of the Spirit and the enemy cannot withstand it!
Sirach 2: 1 My son, when you come to serve the Lord, prepare yourself for trials 2 Be sincere of heart and steadfast, undisturbed in time of adversity. 3 Cling to Him, forsake Him not; thus will your future be great. 4 Accept whatever befalls you, in crushing misfortune be patient; 5 For in fire gold is tested, and worthy men in the crucible of humiliation. 6 Trust God and He will help you; make straight your ways and hope in Him. 7 You who fear the Lord, wait for His mercy, turn not away lest you fall. 8 You who fear the Lord, trust Him, and your reward will not be lost.

11 Compassionate and merciful is the Lord; He forgives sins, He saves in time of trouble.

I pray in Jesus' name that Baby Cate will pull through this and be stronger than ever because of it!I pray that your family pull together in this time of struggle and when your baby is healthy, that you can praise God together and give Him glory as the ultimate physician! I also pray that you be granted all the grace and peace of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to be able to endure this trial with faith, trust and hope in God!

Peace in Christ
Ivy Cavalier, Jr.

CAMERON said...

0Oh guys, We LOVE y'all & our praying our faces off for you... My heart is breaking for you wishing there was more I could do, or I was in houston so i could bring you so,mething, but i guess thats what Ed did, he brought you who you NEED during this time, your faith and realness are so inspiring, our whole family will keep Cate in prayer, I am offering up, EVERY single little thing for her... dirty nappies, crying at 3am, everything.. Liam is helping too, he kept Matt and I up 1/2 the night, he's giving us more to offer up!! I LOVE You both and Cate is in my heart and prayers!!!!

Chris said...

Hey Man,

My family and I are praying for you and yours. I will ask our youth group to pray extra hard for you as we head to Steubenville South this weekend. Stay strong brother and remember even though it may not seem like it but you are never alone.


Chris Barousse

em said...

you remain in our thoughts, prayers & hearts!!!

love to all,
em, henry & michael

Anonymous said...

still praying...and crying with you. our God is a God of Wonders. couragio.

hugs--betsy, trey, and fenton perryman

LeBlanc Family said...

Hi Guys,

Happy Fathers Day, Charlie! Our prayers are with all of you. We are calling on the intercession of Pope John Paul, II and asking him to rally the troops (up there)to do the same. We are with you in prayer. Let us know if there is anything else you need(grass cut, wash housed, etc.).

Love & Prayers,
Nolan, Arleen, Monique & Gabrielle LeBlanc

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali: My first conscious thought this morning was of you and your baby girl. Prayer immediately followed the thought. Know that Cate is being lifted up in prayer constantly by so many who love all of you - even those of us who have never met you!

ryan said...

Hey Brother,
I'm in orlando, fl on vacation right now and I am praying for you everywhere I go and I am going to recruit my whole family. I'm with you and ali till the end as a spiritual warrior.

In Him,

Ryan A. Breaux

Anonymous said...


Please know you are in our prayers. God Bless you.

Terry, Molly and Bailey Weiner
St. Laurence Parish

Anonymous said...

Y'all are in my prayers.
~ Shannon Walsh

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Ali and Charlie, I have no doubt Cate will be just fine, she is just getting some needed rest - and you need to do the same!
love you guys

Anonymous said...

Charlie & Ali - Your faith is an inspiration to all of us. I hope that you have gotten some much needed rest and we continue to pray for baby Cate's healing and for your strength. love, Michelle & Jess

Megs said...

Thinking of you this morning and praying that you got some rest. You'll be in our thoughts and prayers all day today along with half the nation it seems! How loved you all are, Ali, Charlie, Ella, Dude and Cate!

The Perkins Family

tula said...

i'm spiritually invested in this situation with your family. please know that you are NOT ALONE in this. we are all here with you supporting your little family with our BIG prayers to our Faithful Father. you & ali's courage & faith, and baby cate's perseverance in her many trials are inspirational to me and to many. may you recognize God's blessings daily as you remain in this "marathon". remember, your spiritual family is with you always...

in Him.
tula karras

Anonymous said...

Hey Charlie and Ali,
It's Luke LeMaire. Arleen Leblanc passed on word to the old lifeteen group. Just wanted to know that the prayer umbrella keeps growing and we wish the best for your Cate and your whole family. May Mary and Joseph interceed to strengthen your faith, hope and love at this time.
--Luke and Rachel LeMaire

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali,
We've never met, but I was passed along an e-mail by fellow FUS grads-- please know that your little girl and family are in my prayers. May He continue to give you strength during this time.

In His Love,

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali,

We have been praying and will continue to pray for the healing of Baby Cate and for strength for your family to get through this marathon. Your faith in God during this tough time is amazing! Stay strong!

God Bless,
Amy & Abbie Palmieri
St. Laurence

Anonymous said...

Friends in faith from Tennessee are joined with you in prayer. You are not alone on this journey. Take care of yourselves so that you can be there for that precious baby. God's peace be with you and your family.

Rayne Catholic Administrator said...

Dear Ali and Charlie,
Just a note to let you know that all of the Rayne Catholic family is praying for you and if you need anything please let us know... Ali, I enjoyed visiting with you at Jade and Matt's Party. Mary Katherine and I are walking over to the Chapel to light a candle for you. Please we are all a family here at RCE --- PLEASE let us know if there is ANYTHING YOU NEED!
Love Krisitna Lavergne and the RCE Family

Angie said...

Hey Ali and Charlie
Chris and I have been reading the blog and include you in our family prayer every night. You were such a support to us when we needed you back in Houston and now we hope we are holding you up in the same way with our prayers.
Much Love
Chris Angie and the Kidos

Rachel said...

Hi Charlie and Ali,

I remember Charlie from FUS. I just read through the blog today when it was forwarded by Tara to the Stella group. I'm praying for you and baby Cate.

Rachel (Wesely) Larpenteur

Anonymous said...

Charlie & Ali,

I came to work today and started asking everyone to pray for Cate and you all. They are putting you all on their prayer lists at their churches, etc. The girl I work for even said she contacted her sister in Houston and some people from her church would be checking in with ya'll to see if you needed anything.
So many prayers are going up for Cate and all of you. Your faith is an inspiration to all and this storm has affected so many people. Your faith has inspired us. I called Don and Betty last night when we got home from our out of town wedding and let them know.
We love ya'll SO MUCH!! Take care of yourselves for Cate will need you. You all continue to stay in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for all your info you are giving us.

Much love and God Bless,
Cathy & Bill

Ashley Bordelon (Faulk) said...

Jesus asked his friends to keep watch with Him in the garden as he spent time with His Father. Regardless of what their response was to His plea, the call to all of us (your friends and loved ones) remains the same. "Stay with me." Please know that you are united in a family of brothers and sisters who are honored to follow that call to wait with you for the finish line. Rest assured and confident that you are lifted up and protected in an army of prayer that will not tire or give up on your family. Take comfort in that love.

My husband and I are praying with our expectant baby for all of you.

In Him,
Ashley Bordelon (Faulk)
fellow Youth Minister

Teri said...

Dear Charlie & Ali,

Our thoughts & prayers are with you all during this difficult time.

Our family will keep you all in our prayers -

The Marbach family
St. Laurence

Lila Lambert said...

Hi Cantrell family, I have been praying for Cate since I heard of her condition and will continue to pray of all of you. God carries us through these times when we feel we cannot go on, it's His promise and I TRUST...Love, Lila Lambert

Anonymous said...

Your blog was forwarded to me by an FUS Alumni friend. My baby daughter is also critically ill and I can relate to your state of mind! We will keep you in prayer.

Libby DuPont

Leianne said...

Lord let Cate walk with You
Although her steps are small
Stay beside, hold her hand
And never let her fall.

Leianne Guidry
-St. Laurence Life Teen Parishioner

Lindsay said...

Charlie and Ali,

You definitely will not be forgotten. Cate, Ella, Dude, and you and Ali are in our prayers. We love you!

God Bless!

In Him,

Lindsay and Trey Speyrer

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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