Friday, June 13, 2008

3rd Consultation Update

We just got a call from the operation room. Cate is doing well. The were able to leave her valve alone!! Praise be Jesus Christ! The had to put a piece of conduit in her pulmonary artery to widen it. HER HEART IS BEATING ON ITS OWN!!!!!!!!! She is still on the heart/lung bypass. They are now putting all her chest drainage tubes and pacemaker wires in, just to get and keep her heart on a natural rhythm, until it gets used to beating again, it has not beat for almost 7 hours now. Dr. Salazar is complete with the repair and should be finished up with all the finishing touches and sewing her little chest back up in about an hour and half. We will have a consult with him when its all said and done. Praise be Jesus Christ, Thanks sweet Loving Faithful Father, and thank you wonderful Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos! Once we talk to the Dr. and Cate is in the CVICU I will update you all.


Anonymous said...

Praise God...OMG...Charlie, I am over here in tears. All glory to God. I am sooooo happy for you and Ali. Our prayers continue for all the nursing staff and anyone else who is involved in Cate's care. In His Holy Name we give praise, thanksgiving and lay all our intentions. Amen.

Amelie said...

I just happened upon a profile on facebook that had a Pray for Baby Cate pin on it, and me being a baby lover had to investigate which is how I found this blog. Reading this has made me tear up several times because it's such a moving story. I also lived in Sugar land about 10 years ago and was a parishoner of St. Laurence.. small world! Don't know if you guys were around the area then but thought i'd share that with y'all. My prayers are definitely with your family and I know with the strong faith that your family has God will get y'all through this! God Bless!