Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Crack in the Throne Room Door

YOUR PRAYERS ARE WORKING, but we are not done yet!!! The procedure this morning went very well. The surgeon is very encouraged, by Baby Cate's progress. He said that the left ventricle looks ten times better than it did on Sunday. He is not ready to take her off the Echmo machine yet. He said that he could, but she would only limp along and the amount of medication they would have to give her in order to strengthen her heart, he is not comfortable with. All the medical staff in Baby Cate's room for the procedure agreed that another day on the Echmo is the best decision for Baby Cate. Dr. Salazar said that Babies who are getting better, get better. He said that her brain, kidneys, liver, and all her other major organs looked great and that she is responding well to the Echmo. He told Ali to continue reading to Baby Cate, that it is good for her, needless to say that earned me a slap on the shoulder and a, SEE I TOLD YOU SO, from my lovely bride. He is very encouraged by todays results, but we are not out of the woods. We will need to bang just a little hard tomorrow morning on the throne room door and let God know that we are not going anywhere, that like many who have gone before us, we are standing firm in faith and in Hope! They will try to ween her off the Echmo again tomorrow morning so let's remain vigilant in prayer and once again convene at the door to Throne room and push in harder. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You, be ENCOURAGED by today's results and do not let your hearts be trouble for today is a day to Rejoice in God's faithfulness, Ali and I are rejoicing and we ask that you rejoice with us and We thank and praise you God our father for your faithfulness to your people. The message of Baby Cate has reached the ends of the earth, literally, thank you to all of you in Australia, Croatia, France, England, Hawaii, China and Ireland who have joined us in prayer for his beautiful little child. God Bless you all today, know that Ali and I are praying for all of you, we are offering this time of suffering for you and your intentions. We love you and ask again, remain with us and Baby Cate, let us finish this marathon locked arm in arm. We remain in His Love.


Megan Perkins said...

Praise God! What wonderful news! Rejoicing with you and remaining steadfast in prayer.

Megan, Jason, Hayes, Mary Elizabeth and Samuel Perkins

Anonymous said...

PRAISE GOD, ALLELUIA, and OH YEAAAAAAA! So happy to hear such encouraging news. That battle has been won, but you are right, Charlie. We have not yet won the war! My love and prayers continue. Remember that Seth and I are leaving for Medjugorje tomorrow (speaking of wars!) and I am praying for a deeper conversion for BOTH OF US. If you can't seem to find Baby Cate's heart every now and then, know that we are going to bring it to Mother Mary in Medjugorje from time to time. So don't panic! Aimee Landreneau will keep up our facebook page until I get home. (Tasted a little sugar today, huh?)

Gretchen said...

O praise Him! Our prayers will continue...We love y'all!!!

The George Crew

Art and Lori Garrett said...

Praise be Jesus Christ!!! Just to let you know everyone that comes into my store is getting a Pray for baby Cate post card with the blogspot web address and her picture my customers will add to the paryer chain. Rest in Him, Love and prayers, Art and Lori Garrett (Acadian Religious Shop)

Anonymous said...


The communion of saints has rarely been more "visible" than through your situation. It is truly a blessing to be part of the Body of Christ that stretches throughout the universe (and never leaves a stretch mark :). I have a big test today that I am studying for hard and offering up my own small sufferings this week for you guys, and for little Cate. We had a little girl one month ago (Grace Therese) and every time I look into her face this week, I am thinking and praying for you and Ali and Cate. May you find shade beneath the shadow of His wings--the cross--and may He bring you, amidst it all, His abundant joy. You are a blessing to me. God bless you.

--Brian B.

Marsha said...

WOW...I am soooo HAPPY for that little angel!! So is so tough and so strong...she just needed a little break...that's all! Being a 7 month old is hard work especially when you have Dude and Ella constanly harassing you with hugs and kisses all day long!!! My prayers continue for Cate and her entire family! Love you Charlie and Ali so much!

Anonymous said...

We continue to lean on the Lord. Know of my prayers. Fr. Michael

The Hickman Six said...

praise you Lord Jesus! We rejoice with you and will continue to pray! Much love, Ennie and Cana

aimee landreneau said...

Praise God! He is so faithful!

kate and bob said...

Thank you Lord!!!!!!! This news has made our day as we continue to pray for our Cate! Love you guys, Kate and Bob and praying Lesnefsky kiddos.

Anonymous said...

What hopeful news! We will certainly continue to send our heartfelt prayers westward as Cate continues to rest and grow stronger. Please give Ali and everyone there a big hug from us.


Anonymous said...

Hallelujah, God is amazing, continuing to pray for Cate.

Nick Noe

LeBlanc Family said...

PRAISE GOD! He is SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! What GREAT news! Our prayers and offerings will not stop. We also called on the intercession of "St. Pope Cletus". Ha, HA!

Love You,
Nolan, Arleen, Monique & Gabrielle

stacey said...

Thank you Jesus!
Praise God! We will keep you in our prayers!
Amen Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Ali and Charlie
That is wonderful news, we will keep praying, knowing that Cate will be healed, and that we will share the healing stories and gumbo soon enough.

Anonymous said...

God is good. He hears all prayers. You can bet that everyone is praying as hard and as loud as they can. You are right today is a day to rejoice. Tell Ali to keep reading...That is a wonderful book.
Casey Reyes

Jenny said...

Wow this is just so great. We will keep praying for yall and I am so happy to hear that things are looking so good. Charlie and Ali Jake and I can't tell yall how much we love all of you and look up to you guys with all the faith and love yall have. Wonderful people that's what yall are. Please if yall need anything let us know. We love you!

Jenny, Jake, Peyton, and Parker Menard

Pamela said...

Our prayers for you guys and Cate are getting stronger everyday as more people join the force! (My co-workers are praying for your family too) Thanks for continuing to update us. Lots of love and big hugs, Pamela LaFleur

em vanderlick said...

deep sigh of relief...we'll keep the prayer chain going for continued progress!!!

sending hugs & high fives :)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that her heart is improving! I have been thinking and praying for Baby Cate and your family so much I was dreaming about it last night! And know that I will remain with you at the door praying hard!!!

Teresa Clark

JEN said...

YAY FOR GOOD NEWS!! :) Still praying for Cate and the whole Cantrell family! -Jen Frerich

Pat Broussard said...

Thank you Jesus; What encouraging news. Will keep the prayer warriors on their knees. Keep the posts going.We love you Jesus.

Love you both!!!

Pat Broussard

glenda said...



Alison said...

What encouraging news today... You Cantrell's have some amazing hearts :) Continuing to pray. Love you all.
Alison Breaux

ryan said...

Awesome man. I'll continue to pray and recruit more prayers for you. keep the faith going. I'm pumped to hear the good news for yall.
In Him,

Ryan A. Breaux

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear it. I am thinking about you always and praying for that darling baby and the staff that are working constantly for her. I am so sorry to admit my faith has started to dwindle after leaving home for college. But this whole prayer chain is truly making me believe again. Your beautiful Baby Cate is a blessing and she is in my thoughts; even as I sit here in my Shakespeare English class. The Merchant of Venice has nothing on your daughter. The power of prayer is amazing and God really is good. Stay strong Charlie, Ali, Cate, and all of those people who continue to pray.

Marin said...

Praise the Lord!! Our prayers continue for Baby Cate. I have been thinking about her constantly as I see my patients this morning in clinic. God bless you all and know that we are all continuing the prayer chain. God is amazing!!
Love, Marin, Kyle and Kaylin

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali,
I just wanted to let y'all know that I have been praying for baby Cate from the beginning. She is such a strong, beautiful baby and has only her parents to thank for that. I can think of many times when Ali was able to talk me through my silly high school drama and pray with me so now I want to be here for y'all. We are all praying and praising God right now for your little angel and will continue to do so until the war is won. I love you both.

God Bless,
Amy Timmer

Anonymous said...

What joy fills my heart in hearing this wonderful news. God is moving in so many ways. Just reading all of the posts have just been a testament to true communion in faith. God's love for his faithful has been so been evident through this trial. Praise God for the Cantrells!!!! Thank you for allowing God to use you as instruments for faith, hope and love.

We love you guys so much!!

Will and Natalie Griffin

Kathleen said...

Hi, I found your site through a friend of yours on spark people. I am very happy to hear that Cate is doing better. I will pray for you all daily. It is heartwarming to see the power of prayer and God and the strength and courage you all show.

God Bless you all!
Oh and please tell baby Cate I say Hi! :o)

Kathleen: Kathleenkdc@hotmail.com

Jeannine Cockerham said...

Our God is an AWESOME GOD!!! As I was walking this morning and praying for Baby Cate and the entire Cantrell family, It gave me such a shot of true faith. How wonderful it is that you continue to reach out and minister to those around you when you are facing such a huge challenge. St. Michael must be so very proud of you all. I know St. Raphael is right there guiding the doctors as well as St. Gabriel who walks with them when they deliver the news. You are truly supported by the Communion of Saints and the "Whole Court of Heaven". A very dear friend of mine, Fr. Joe Steffes C.S.s.R. prayed to Blessed Seelos relentlessly. When he would pray over the sick, he would use one of only two (one is in Rome)Seelos crosses with these words, which I continuosly pray for Baby Cate: Heavenly Father, through the prayers and intersession of Blessed Francis Seelos, supported by the whole court of heaven, pour your healing power into your daughter, Cate. Into every fiber of her being, her mind, her heart, her body, her limbs, all her vital organs. We pray in the name of Jesus, Amen.
Keep witnessing.
Through Him, With Him and in Him
Jeannine Cockerham

Anonymous said...

We worship such an awesome God! Thank you, God! All of my prayer warriors are rejoicing with you!
Brenda Verret

Anonymous said...

God Bless all of you. Stay strong and believe in His miracles. Give Cate a big kiss from all of us the first chance you get.

Melissa and Sean said...

God is good!!!! That is wonderful news and nothing but encouraging! We are praying for you and Cate daily. We have everyone we know praying for her and as soon as they hear the stats on Hudson, everyone's next question to us is, "How is Baby Cate? She is really weighing on our hearts and minds." So please know that not only have we been asking for prayers for our Hudson, but for Baby Cate as well. We will continue to lift her up and know that God is good!!!!

Hudson's Aunt Melissa

Anonymous said...

"This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it"!!!!!!!!We are rejoicing with you and our prayers will continue. God has a great plan for her life!
Love, Tonya

Anonymous said...

Hey Cantrell family,
"Rejoice in the Lord, for he is Good".....so happy to hear the encouraging news!!! My prayers continue and my thoughts remain with all of you and Baby Cate!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome news!! We will continue praying..and to God be the glory!


Anonymous said...

Hey Cantrell family,
"Rejoice in the Lord, for he is Good".....so happy to hear the encouraging news!!! My prayers continue and my thoughts remain with all of you and Baby Cate!

Anonymous said...

Thanking God for the good news today and continuing to pray with and for your family. As I pray for her each day I get the visual of Jesus scooping her up in His arms, holding her tight, rocking and comforting her. He IS with her and she WILL be healed in the mighty name of Jesus!

Kimberlee said...

PBJCNAF!!! Still praying...

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali,
Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We are amazed by both your resolve and your faith.
Marc & Nikki Bourgeois

Anonymous said...

AMEN! Rejoicing with you guys bigtime!
I'll tell Aaron as soon as I hear from him today. Thank you, Lord God.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

We are a hopeful people and prayer is our song! What a glorious day! Praise God! The saints and angels in Heaven are rejoicing, as are we! Jeremy and I will continue to pray and offer up your baby Cate and her precious heart. Stormin' the gates unceasingly...

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali,
This is just a note to tell you that my prayers are with you. The strength of your faith is so awesome. I am a teacher at Notre Dame and have been blessed to know both Jenny and Becca. A group of Notre Dame students are leaving for Alexandria for Stuebenville South on Friday. We had a meeting last night in the chapel at school and prayed for Cate. The students were asked to pray Cate over the next few days until we leave. This is just to let you know that the family of Notre Dame is praying for all of you. If you need anything, you just need to ask.
Mary Melanson

Erin said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew she was just showing us there is nothing she can't handle! Charlie, when she is finally home and well living with you and "Dude" will be a walk in the park for Cate! haha! I am so so happy she did so well so quickly! I will continue to keep praying for Cate! Love, Erin Dawson

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!! We are praying and praising with you!!!
Hugs--Betsy, Trey and Fenton

Kevin and Christie Wright said...

Ali and family,
Your strength is amazing and awe inspiring. We are also praying for baby Cate, as well as for the continued strength (both physioally and mentally) for the both of you. God Bless!
Kevin,Christie & Caroline Wright

Ann said...

Thank you, Lord!!
That is awesome news!!
You must feel so encouraged! We'll keep praying!
Mike and Anna

Anonymous said...

Dear Charlie, Cate, and Ali,

I have been reading Cate's story and keeping up with her since the Facebook group was made. It has truly touched my heart, and tugged at my heart. I have ben faithfully praying for ya'll everyday, and every chance that I get.
Tonight is XLT at my local church. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Community, right here in Houston. I will definitly be offering up you all tonight as we spend time praising God, and during adoration. I will also pass the word on to my friends to have them pray also.
I have also passed along Cate's story to my sister-in-law at Texas A&M University. She is passing along word to those she knows there, so you have a bunch of Aggies praying as well.
My sister that lives in Houston is currently a nurse at Texas Children's on thier Bone Marrow Transplant floor, which is 8, I have told her about Cate, and she has been translating medical terms for me. But she is parying hard as well.
Please know that you are not alone at this time. The Almighty one is with you and I will continue to pray for you.
This is wonderful news that we have recieved this morning. Praise GOD!!!!
In Heartfelt prayer,
Shannyn Jones

Lila Lambert said...

God is so good....I was just lifting up baby Cate and consecrating her to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and I see the words come up on the screen and know that baby Cate's heart has been truly Blessed...I'll keep thanking God and praising His name in joyful adoration....we rejoice in this day that God has made!!!

Anonymous said...

ali....i went to jwj today and let all that were there know about the wonderful news of this morning...also sent out the blog to teachers emails......everyone sends love and prayers......you know ive been with you all the waY AND ALWAYS WILL. YOU NEED TO SEND CHARLIE TO TEACH YOUR CLASS WRITING....I HAVE BEEN SOO IMPRESSED, ___VERBAL CHARLIE!!! i LOVE YOU BOTH DEARLY and am praying praying praying.....ms. connie

Darcy said...

Woo-Hoo!!!!!!! I am so happy to hear that Cate is responding well so far! We will continue to pray for you all! God bless,
Darcy ";0)

mary said...


Anonymous said...

You are all in our thoughts and prayers and we will ask our friends to do the same for you.
May God continue to keep Baby Cate in His care!
With love from,
Rayne Chief of Police Carroll Stelly, Diane and Joshua

Jade Richard said...

Charlie & Ali...

I am so glad to hear good news. We have all been praying for Baby Cate! She will be a known celeb after all of this.

Charlie, You're blog has replaced the morning paper. I check it regularly. You and Ali's strength amazes me, not to mention, you still have a great sense of humor. I literally laugh out loud at some of the things you say. (Tell Ali not to forget to wash that hair! HAHA.)

Ya'll are wonderful, and I love you both. Baby Cate is close to my heart!

Jade Richard

p.s... I saw Ella and dude in the yard on Sunday. Madame informed mom and I that ya'll were with her baby sister. She cracks me up! I don't think ya'll have to worry. Ella has her and Dude well taken care of:)

Sally Dubroc said...

Charlie and Ali,
This is a definite breakthrough; thank God
As I read the comments, I realized how many people have been watching this progress today.
As Cate remains in this situation, hearts are being changed, conversions are happening.
I would challenge everyone who is praying to lift up that person who remains on their hearts and the "one who needs to know Jesus" We all have more than one, I know.. But, I just feel that your time of suffering is bringing about conversion in hearts.
I love you both and continue to be vigilant in prayer and in waiting.
God bless you both
Sally Dubroc,

Anonymous said...

Dearest Cantrells,

Praise God for the good news. We pray every morning for Cate in our community prayer at Big Woods and I know that Jesus is holding your BEAUTIFUL daughter in His arms. Keep on keeping on!

In Him,

Sarah Summers

Lisa Barousse said...

I was with my mom when we recieved the text message from John Ray. We both just sat and cried because we know how God works.

Lauren said...

Charlie & Ali...
I do not know either of you, nor do I know Baby Cate, but I would like you guys to know that I am praying for ya'll. Cate's story is amazing, and I saw a group that was made for her on facebook and decided to read her story. I've caught up & read EVERY blog you've EVER posted. You better believe I will continue to read everyday as if I know your family personally. So great to hear Cate's news today! I will continue to offer her up in prayer.

Your's in Christ,
Lauren Daigle
Labadieville, LA

Teresa said...

We are so encouraged by the hopeful news - my womens prayer group at work and I are keeping you all in our prayers -
love you -
Teresa Walther

Julie said...

Amen. Thank you Father!! You DO hear us. Thank You, thank You, thank You! I will continue the prayers and I have also asked others to do the same. God bless you Charlie, Allie, and your entire family. You are loved.


chris milbrandt said...

Oh Lord! how you never fail us! Praise Jesus for His letting us be a part of HIS mercy and love. Thank you, Cantrells, for continuing to show us how to serve in hope and faith..and for showing us His strength in your weakness. How strong your knees must be!!! Love you all! I want to come visit!!! Love-chris/mitch/travis/cana.

Allie said...

Praise God, Charlie! We are still praying for all of you! -- Allie Millette

Jenny said...

Hi. I just found your blog a few days ago (linked through Elizabeth Foss's blog) and have been praying for y'all. I've got twin girls--one of whom is named Cate. Cate's twin (Meg) had to undergo surgery on her skull when she was 12 weeks old, so I'm sympathetic to the scariness of this time... thankfully, everything went well and we're all in the clear now. She was blessed with a relic of Fr. Seelos, too (we're in New Orleans). So I've been petitioning both him and St. Catherine to help your Baby Cate.


Anonymous said...

Such WONDERFUL news!!! My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you guys and all those participating in this "marathon!"

Much Love,
Blanche Boudreaux

claire said...

Charlie and Ali,
Your fortitude and selflessnes is so inspiring. Know that I am with you in prayer for every step of this marathon.
All my love,
Claire Trahan

Shannon said...

i have had the great privilege of discovering your blog a few days ago. I will pray furiously and lift up my studying (I am a grad student with an exam tomorrow) for your precious girl's benefit. prayers for the mom, dad, and siblings too.
i have a particular devotion to St. Gianna Beretta Molla. As a doctor who took care of children, I know she is and will be with your family, Cate, and the doctors and the days ahead.
Stay well.

Perks said...

Rejoicing with you with the good report. You are a wonderful example of believers in the mighty power of God!!!

In prayer with you,

Ana said...

Praise God!

We at the Black-Celis household are so happy to know that Baby Cate is making progress!

This is sure proof that God Listens.

We will continue banging on the gates of Heaven.

Sunday night I was singing at a special prayer service (called even song) in a church close to the Medical Center and we raised up Cate in our intentions.

I will continue to offer up songs of Praise for Cate and other forms of prayer.

Keep on Keeping one!

Ana Black

P.S. I found this prayer that I've been offering up for Cate:

Divine Physician,
You infused Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos
with the gift of Your healing.
By the help of his prayers,
sustain in me the grace to know Your will
and the strength to overcome my afflictions.
For love of You, make me whole.
May I learn from the example of Father Seelos
and gain comfort from his patient endurance.

Catherine said...



Ashley Wagner said...

What wonderful news today!!!! God is so faithful and little Cate is such a fighter!!!!! We are continuing to pray and trust in the Lord! I'm so happy that I was able to find you in the waiting room. Jeff will stop by today to say Hello.

Ashley and Jeff Wagner

Anonymous said...

YAY BABY CATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't worry...we won't stop praying! Love y'all!
Missy Polozola

Anonymous said...

decided a few days ago that whenever our kids do anything, gonna say a prayer for cate to do the same very soon...when we give noah a bottle, gonna pray for you to be able to give cate one soon...when one of them is whining and needs some cuddling and hugs, gonna pray for you to be able to scoop cate up and give her a nuzzle very soon....when we give a bath, gonna pray for cate to be splashing you in the face very soon...when sam and noah are laughing at each other, gonna pray for ella, dude, and cate to be cackling and squealing with delight in each other's presence very soon....when eating dinner, praying for cate to make a mess with her pureed sweet potatoes very soon...even when changing some kind of grossed out diaper, oh yeah...believe it...praying that it will be stinky for you very soon....hang in there, cantrells

we love you guys
the bermans

Anonymous said...

Through God ALL things are possible!!!!! We are continuing to pray for Baby Cate and all of you. Prayer is a powerful tool. Please continue with the updates and remember you are in all our prayers. Kathy Breaux and the Notre Dame Faculty.

Anonymous said...

Dear Charlie, Ali and Cate:
You don't really know me. I met you at Jeremy and Courtney's wedding. I want you to know that my husband and I have been praying for Baby Cate. Before I even check emails, your blog is the first thing I check in the morning, before I go to bed and any other time I get on the computer. Over the weekend I found myself getting up in the middle of the night to check on her progress.
It's so awesome that Cate has brought so many people together in prayer. He has great things in store for her!
Thank you for the updates and for all your Faith and love.

With Love,
Amy Mahrer

JoAnn said...

Just checking in on you guys. Sounds like there is a little light shining on you today. Hope Cate is still progressing as the day goes on. BFS pray for Cate and her family.

Ms. Jo

Anonymous said...

You do not know me, but I know of Cate through Hudson Carnes' family. Know that "strangers" are also praying for Cate and your family, although we are not really strangers, for I am your sister in Christ Jesus. To Him be all glory. Remember that no matter what, Cate is in His hands and that He is in charge. Stay strong in your faith.


Anonymous said...

Ali and Charlie,
There was a Theresian retreat today and I spoke to my mom at 8:15A and was able to tell her about Cate's procedure today. May her heart continue to get stronger during this rest time. I thank God and all who are praying for Cate for the success today. Keep it up everyone!

Beslin said...

Glad to hear it. We will all keep praying.

Mimi said...

Your blogs have really kept us well informed. We appreciate them so much-thanks for taking your precious time to share with us! Thank you, Lord Jesus and thank you, Mother Mary for the healing going on!

I asked several senior citizens who I walk with in the mornings to pray for Cate-not that I'm a senior citizen yet, it's just that it's an air conditioned walk! The oldest is 93 (Yes, she can outwalk me, but I'll catch up to her when I grow up!).

Take care of yourselves!
Much love,
Mimi Barousse

the perrys said...

God is so good! We will continue to keep all of you in our prayers.

"When you go through deep waters and great trouble, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown! When you walk througth the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you. For I am the Lord, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior." Isaiah 43:2-3
Blessings In Him,
Chris, Denise, Owen, Brayden & Julianna Perry

Anonymous said...

My name is Dolores Duplechin, mother of Sheila Rothermel, who taught Baby Cate's mom at Notre Dame High School. Sheila called me this morning asking my Bible study group to pray for Baby Cate, who was having the procedure done between 8 a.m. and 12N. We prayed very hard for a complete healing for her. Jeremiah 27:32 says "Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for Me." We are claiming that promise and believing in our Great God for the perfect answer. He never fails.
Love in Christ,
Dolores Duplechin

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, I was so unaware of your struggles! Connie Chachere was wonderful to let us all know. We will pray! I'll ask the nuns who are so dear to us to pray as well. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do!

Marie Duplechin

Anonymous said...

What joyful news! I couldn't wait to get to our Theresian retreat today so that I could recruit more prayer warriors for Cate, even though the international headquarters has been enlisted. I talked to Alyssa on the way home, and she gave me the wonderful progress report. Don't worry- the prayers will continue and multiply for as long as it takes.
Love you guys- Debbie Reed

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali,

I had a priest in Canada, at the Eucharistic Congress up there this week, say Mass especially for Cate today. Still praying for you.

--Brian B.

Molly said...

Hey guys,
I wanted to share with you something that happened to me this morning. We have vacation bible camp going on this week at Our Lady of Mercy and I was in the office alone and said a little prayer for your Cate. I looked in front of me on the desk, saw a card and picked it up. When I saw it, I got chills all over, it was a relic of Blessed Francis Seelos!! It was a piece of burial cloth that bound his bones. I had not yet heard about the procedure, but I knew right then that it went well. My niece Juliet is in this summer and has been praying right along with me for Cate. This morning in her bible class the teacher asked for intercessions and she mentioned Cate. I had already told the teacher about her, so the she told the class ya'll story. So you also have the whole 5th/6th grade at VBC praying. Good is God!

We love you,
Molly, Kevin and kids

Anonymous said...

We are praying for ya'll. Just remember, she's in good hands. Saw a sign at a church Saturday, "Empty is the man who's life is filled with nothing but things!" Oh so true. It's people like Cate that remind us what really matters in life!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

PRAIIIISEEE Jesus! that is one strong baby girl and one awesome God! prayers will be continued! love ya'll!!!

dawn said...

Forever in my prayers. love, dawn

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Double yeah and a yippee too! We are so glad to hear your news. Nate has been a bit out of touch this past week, so on our way home last night from airport, I was able to give him the rundown too. We send our love and our prayers. Nate was giving me quite the list of Admission stories and laughing. Sorry to have missed them firsthand. :) We'll check in again tomorrow to hear the update. Know of our prayers. Thank you for your witness. The love that is so evident in your marriage and of course for reminding ALL of us the love that we have for our children and how much we can take for granted. Counting my blessings tonight and treasuring my kiddos too.
All our prayers...Nathan and Sara Boster, Atlanta

(www.bosterfamily.com if you are interested in those long waiting room hours.)

Msgr. Bill said...

Charlie / Ali;
Thanks be to God for His goodness. My Mass at 6:30 a. tomorrow will be for her continued healing. Each day may bring ups and downs, but He is with her all the time. Thanks be to God for the ability of doctors, nurses and techs who have developed the means to minister such little ones.
I was blessed to see you all last weekend and will see you on Saturday.
May her heart grow strong. May her lungs fill with fresh air. May her chubby legs grow firm and carry her into adulthood.
Pax et bonum,
M. Bill

Msgr. Bill said...

Charlie / Ali;
Thanks be to God for His goodness. My Mass at 6:30 a. tomorrow will be for her continued healing. Each day may bring ups and downs, but He is with her all the time. Thanks be to God for the ability of doctors, nurses and techs who have developed the means to minister such little ones.
I was blessed to see you all last weekend and will see you on Saturday.
May her heart grow strong. May her lungs fill with fresh air. May her chubby legs grow firm and carry her into adulthood.
Pax et bonum,
M. Bill

Anonymous said...

ali & charlie~ we have cate's pic printed and posted in our baby girl's room to remind us to constantly pray for her. you are on our hearts constantly.
katie conner santangelo & fam.

Maddy McAnally said...

Your guys are in our prayers. I'll make sure my little angel in heaven is keeping an eye on Baby Cate! Great news today! Keep the faith! Know she is in good hands!

Maddy McAnally

Anonymous said...

Ali & Charlie,
Charlie, thanks for keeping all of us as close to you as possible, through Cate's Blog.
I have been leaving messages for you, but my lack of skills with blogs, have failed to deliver. Please know that Troy and I are praying for Cate, the two of you, and the rest of your family and friends. We love you, Aunt June

Anonymous said...

St. Monica Parish Prayer Chain is praying for you Cate!

Jesus tender
Shepherd hear us,
Bless your little lamb tonight
Through the darkness
Be thou near her
Keep her safe
In Your light.

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali,

This is wonderful news. I have been following your blog and holding Cate close to my heart in prayer.

I just returned from a luxury, five star vacation in an ICU waiting room in Phoenix. Reading your posts really makes me feel like I'm sitting next to y'all....with bad hair, nasty coffee and mismatched socks. I'm so with y'all!

Thank you for keeping everyone updated on sweet Baby Cate. You're right, she is loved by so many people that don't even know her!

Kim James Boudreaux

Jamie said...

you guys are a true witness to everyone. God is awesome and each day I see more and more of His light especially when I hear yall story. I was reflecting the other day and I remember when I was in high school and Ali bought lasgna to my house because my mom had been sick. I still remember that and so does my mom. I would love to return the favor some how. Either when you guys get home or way over there in Houston I want to repay you. I can order out some food or something. Let me know which would you rather (food in houston or food in rayne). Take care and God Bless. You all are in my prayers always.

Love ya
Jamie Breaux Fonseca

Jamie said...

OH - one more thing - Ali you keep reading to that Baby - Charlie - that is the teacher in her - Reading can never do any harm:O) have a great day!
Jamie B. Fonseca

allyson said...

I am continuing to pray with and for all of you. Your journey is amazing and inspiring. Thanks for allowing us to walk with you and for sharing your faith with us. I rejoice in your good news today and continue to pray for Cate and your family.

Allyson Guidry

Anonymous said...

Praise Jesus!!! We'll keep praying for yall!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Baby Cate's story has truly touched me. Please know you all are in our prayers.

Sue & Donald said...

Ali & Charlie,

We want you to know that you are in our prayers. God didn't promise days without pain but he did promise to listen to our prayers.
All our love
Sue & Donald

CAMERON said...

Praise the Lord!! I love how BIG and universal our church is!! :-) Just so you know you also have an army of Canidians praying for y'all too!!
I love that you've been readin gto her Ali, you are such an amazing mommy!! So strong and brave!!
We love y'all are are still praying!!
Cameron, Matt, and Baby Liam Fradd