Friday, June 13, 2008

Game On

Cate was taken back into surgery at 11:15am. Will give you all an update soon! Pray for Dr. Salazar, other doctors, and nurses!


Lisa Barousse said...

I have this site open on my desk and will keep it open all day. Please keep us posted and I want to wish the best of luck to you, Ali, and Cate. I know she will do just fine, she's a Cantrell!

Anonymous said...

Oh Divine Physician...hear our prayers!

Anonymous said...

You guys have been in our thoughts and prayers for months (since Baby Cate was in utero) but even more so today. Grant's class even had a special prayer for Baby Cate yesterday.

Marsha Thibodeaux said...

Charlie & Ali, There is something about baby girls that are born on November 7th. They are very determined and very strong willed. They are so tough. My entire family including my own November
7th girl is praying for that sweet baby girl. Love you all and I am sitting on the phone waiting to here from mom.

Love, Marsha