Saturday, June 14, 2008

Let the Storm Rage!

"Be relaxed and resigned. Let the storm rage until it is raged out, even if the waves break over your head. You will merely be washed, not drowned. To be sure, you must accept it graciously, if you have to swallow a few mouths full of bitter sea water. Afterwards, God will again give you sugar." Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos

As the storm of medical personel hover over Cate's bed and the storm rages to keep her stable, her mom and dad, family and friends will stand firm and let it rage. Her Fr. Seelos relic was in surgery with her yesterday and is next to her head in her bed right now. We wait and we ask for the sweet taste of that sugar from God, however He chooses to deliever it, right now I would take it in a Starbucks Coffee to be honest, but however is fine with me. Ali and I got to "sleep" from about 3:30am till about 6:00am. Then we were back at Cate's side, we have to pace ourselves, its a marathon as I said, and we are at the beginning. Cate is still on the Echmo, which is the life support machine, so she is not having to do anything on her own, it is all being done for her. She did wake up this morning and they quickly put her back to sleep, but the surgeon said that her waking up is a good sign of brain activity. There were 10 doctors in her room this morning meeting about Baby Cate, they used more letters and numbers than I could count or keep up with, but our surgeon tells us to keep our eyes on the Big Picutre, not the shop talk, that they do. Cate got her gums and tongue brushed and a quasi wipe down by one of the sweet little nurses this morning. The surgeon wants a "boring" day today, so that is your prayer request for today. He wants Cate's heart to just relax and lay completely flat today, it went through so much yesterday that he is just not ready to ask it to do anything on its on. He said possibly tomorrow morning they will bring her back in the operating room and slowly take her off the support machine to see how her heart responds, it just all depends on how the next twenty-four hours go. I will let you know if it happens and what time that will be and ask your full prayful attention to that time. Ali and I are doing well, seriously. Our confidence is in our God and we are not afraid of this storm. We stand hand in hand, with each other, and all of you. Your comments of love and support are extremely encouraging during this time. We laugh ALOT, its the only way to stay sane right now. We feel the grace from the prayers of all you, so please keep them coming, and as I said this is a marathon, please stay with us, we NEED you, and I mean that! As I sat in Cate's room this morning I prayed for all of you and offered this time of suffering that God may hear the intentions of your hearts individually. We love you very much!!! I will update again today.


Anonymous said...

st. paul said, 'i have run the race. i have kept the faith'...when God delivers the cantrells, it will be you saying those words....our prayers are ever-covering you guys

love, the bermans

Anonymous said...

To the whole Cantrell family,

First off, let me say that you don't know me. I have been fortunate to know several of your close friends and it is through them that I learned of your storm, but we have never had the fortune of meeting.

I'm a junior at the University of Notre Dame. Currently I'm up at campus working ND Vision, a Catholic camp for high schoolers. As I said, you don't know me. But please do know that you are in all of our prayers here at campus. Last night the mentors serving here met at the Grotto of our Lady, and together we lifted up our prayers for Cate and her doctors. Know that God's love has reached so much farther than you could possibly know, and that all of us here continue to keep you and Cate in our prayers, minds, and hearts. Your bravery and courage have taught us hope, and Cate's strength has taught us Faith.

Know our solidarity with all of you, and our prayers unceasing.

Isaiah 53:5

Anonymous said...

Ali and Charlie,
You can't imagine the tension we all are feeling on our ends, but it's the good suffering tension of the cross and the resulting surrender. Last night I alerted the Jesuits in Grand Coteau not knowing that my email would be read and it was! Today the Carmelites were notified and many Theresians. Your courage and fortitude are phenomenal. Pure grace as you express.
God bless you, Mrs. Robin Hebert

Anonymous said...

it is so good to hear that you are doing well right now...i have been and will continue praying for you guys and your beautiful baby girl with every thought.
Jackie Drilling

Megs said...

Ali and Charlie,

Your strength is nothing short of admirable and your faith in our Lord is inspiring. We are still sending prayers with all our hearts and cannot wait for the good news of her complete recovery. Until then, we will remain optimistic as you are and pray for your continued peace.

Megan, Jason, Hayes, Mary Elizabeth and Samuel Perkins

Anonymous said...

Charlie & Ali,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. You are in our hearts and we will continue to pray for you! We love you all.
God bless,
The Cordiers

Anonymous said...

Ali and Charlie, please know that our prayers are with you and your family through Cate's journey. With a heavy heart I read your updates and feel your faith and hope for Cate's recovery. Know that His heart is beating for Cate, and her strength will carry her through.

All our love, Jeanne & Kyle

Anonymous said...

Please know that people from St. Clare's, here in Houston are praying for you all. My heart goes out to you and my family will be praying for Cate and your family. Couragio. Betsy, Trey, and Baby Fenton Perryman

Kelly said...

Praying for a boring day. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Kelly Clark

Terri said...

Dear Charlie and Ali, Sara called me from Covecrest this morning to tell me Fr. Bill had just asked for prayer and filled them in on our Baby Cate. You have touched so many lives and through this storm in your lives you continue to touch people in such an awesome way. So many people are in constant prayer for all of you. I thank God for giving you strength during this time and we ask for His healing hands to embrace Baby Cate with His tender touch and amazing love. We love all of you and will be in constant prayer. May you be consumed in His grace....Love, the busha's

Anonymous said...

Prayers to Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, C.Ss.R.

O My God, I truly believe You are present with me. I adore Your limitless perfections. I thank You for the graces and gifts You gave to Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos. If it is Your holy will, please let him be declared a saint of the Church so that others may know and imitate his holy life. Through his prayers please give me this favor ... (HERE MENTION YOUR SPECIAL INTENTIONS)

Composed by Byron Miller, C.Ss.R.:

O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer,
let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
be pleasing in Your sight.
I offer praise to You for the grace You have bestowed
on Your humble missionary, Father Francis Xavier Seelos
May I have the same joyful vigor
that Father Seelos possessed during his earthly life
to love You deeply and live faithfully Your gospel.

Divine Physician,
You infused Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos
with the gift of Your healing.
By the help of his prayers,
sustain in me the grace to know Your will
and the strength to overcome my afflictions.
For love of You, make me whole.
May I learn from the example of Father Seelos
and gain comfort from his patient endurance.

Bountiful God,
in Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, You have given Your people
a model for those who labor joyfully in Your earthly kingdom.
May his smile dwell on those who find life burdensome.
In him, our eyes continually behold the gentleness of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ali and Charlie, Cate has two amazing parents. She is made up of the two of you and is drawing her strength and love from you,
tell her we are waiting for her to
get well and come home. But she needs rest now and so do you,take care of yourself and know that we are all here for you. If I can help with Charlie and Ella I am just a phone call away.I would love to spoil them. Love Aunt Suzie

marsha said...

Ella and Dude just had a fantastic time at the birthday party that I took them too. they ate, drank, played and are happy to be back at our home now. Ella is playing with "Madison" and Dude is walking around with a toy gun checking things out. they are both as happy as can be and such a joy to have around. You should be so proud of Ella's manners...before she speaks to me...she says excuse is so sweet! Do not worry about them for one second....they are fantastic and are having the time of their lives. Brent is training dude to retrieve Coors Lights for him!! They are getting along just great. just kidding of course!! LOL!! We love you guys so much and are still praying just as so many others are. Oh...Charlie...brent told me to tell you he is about to go out and rent a mini van and even drive it himself to make the kids feel right at home!! LOVE YOU!!

Anonymous said...

I am still storming heaven for baby Cate and the family. You have such wonderful friends and community who have shared this need for prayers with the world...I am among those in that world praying for a little girl that I hope to one day meet (or at least get to hear Charlie talk about her in his talks...). Thank you for the updates on here, and be assured that every bit of this marathon is in my prayers...including Mom, Dad, Cate, and doctors. Peace be with you and with baby Cate.

+ali reed

Lesley said...

Charlie and Ali,

You are definitely in our thoughts and prayers. Please do not hesitate to give us a call if we can do anything. Love you both!
Les & Kyle

Chari said...

Sweet Charlie & Ali.....
All of my love & support are with all of you. I am glad that you are in the best palce in the world for Cate. I am sorry that I am not physically there for you, but you are in my thoughts & prayers. I will take you & Cate to Rome with me on St Peter's. All my love to your family...I love you.

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Family,

We are praying and asking that God continue to hold Cate's heart in his loving hands. There is no safer place to be, and we pray for your hearts to be there as well. Thinking and praying and bringing you before the KING tonight in our couples' prayer group.

--Brian and Lisa Butler

Anonymous said...

After Every Storm There Is A Rainbow...

We won't stop praying.

Skep, Kathy, and Lindsey Reed

Chrispy said...

Sweet Baby Cate is in my most heartfelt prayers.

Anonymous said...

Bill, Jacob, Laura and I are in Tennessee for a wedding. We just found out from Jake and Laura about little Cate's surgery. We forgot we had my laptop in the trunk of the car, so we ran out and got it to read your updates. I immediately called Mom and Dad and let them know. They are getting ready to go to mass and said they would light candles for all of you, especially little Cate. Our hearts go out to all of you. You and Ali have the most amazing faith that is an inspiration to all. I wish we could be there with you now, but please know you all are in our thoughts and prayers. Cate is so blessed to have such awesome,loving and faithful parents. You have prayers being lifted up for all of you by so many people, some of whom have never met you and others who are blessed to know you. We are extremely blessed to have you in our family. We will pray for a restful day for little Cate's heart and your continued strength and courage in this storm you all are going through. We love you and Ali SO MUCH.

Much love and God Bless,
Bill and Cathy

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali my prayers are with you. I know that the storm is raging for you right now and that the Lord is bringing good from this!

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali, I would LOVE to bring you some Starbucks sweetness right now! I hope someone does it soon. Thank you for the updates on Cate the Great and for the witness of your faith and love. It is overflowing...

All our love,
kate and aaron

Anonymous said...

Ali and Charlie,
I love you both and praying for you, Baby Cate, and the medical staff that hold her heart in their hands. May God bless their hands and minds and work through Him.
Alyssa, Justin, Audrey and Meredith

Jess said...

Ali and Charlie,

Your faith is amazing! Your children are fortunate to have you as parents. A candle has been lit for baby Cate and her name has been added to the prayer list at St. Andrew's. We have everyone in Ft. Worth praying for your precious family.

All our love,
Jess, Ben, Grant, and Lauren

glenda said...

Dear Ali and Charlie,

I have been and continue praying for you and your little Cate.
Glenda R.

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali -

It's been a while since we last talked, but please know that I am praying for you and your family. I wish I had something funny to say - if only. I love you both and will keep you and Baby Cate close to my heart.

- Emily Coe

Anonymous said...

April and Jaimi are letting us know of you. Our prayers are with you. We will desperately pray for you, Baby Cate, and your family. I pray that God puts his comforting arms around you and holds you tight!
It is sooooo hard watching your baby hurt and struggle. I also pray that Baby Cate does not have pain or discomfort, but that she has peace and that you too feel her peace that comes from God.
Bless you, Patti Calk

Marsha said...

The prayers continue at the Thibodeaux house as we sit hear and enjoy your children's company. Ella's intellect is amazing...WOW..are you sure she is only four?? She is so very smart and witty....and so "motherly" to is so precious how she just takes over and is telling me exactly how things are done at bedtime. she did not let me forget the bedtime snack!! they both just enjoyed cookies and a drink. Ella, being the anti-juice diva that she is...had milk and Dude had apple juice!! And she informed me that they are only allowed water for the rest of the night!! I dont know what I'd do without her....she is a tremendous help. they are truly a joy to be around and know that they are safe and loved here with us. "Madison" is helping out so much as well! May you have a restful night as well as Cate. Tomorrow is a new day of hope, love and prayers. Love you guys...Marsha

gcstelly said...

K-Love's Encouraging Word today:
For I hold you by your right hand — I, the LORD your God. And I say to you, "Don't be afraid. I am here to help you." Isaiah 41:13,NLT

I thought of Cate and your family as I read this and trust that He is there helping your little girl. Please know that we are praying in agreement with you and pleading the healing Blood of Jesus over Cate for her swift and complete recovery. Love, Gerie Stelly and family

lisa said...

Dear Charlie & Ali,
I am so amazed at the strength that both of you have You are such AWESOME PARENTS!!!! Cate is a fighter because of the love & strength she feels from both of you. We are praying very hard..Love ya'll with ALL of our Hearts, Lisa, Mark, Jade, Allie & Bailey


lisa said...

Dear Charlie & Ali,
I am so amazed at the strength that both of you have You are such AWESOME PARENTS!!!! Cate is a fighter because of the love & strength she feels from both of you. We are praying very hard..Love ya'll with ALL of our Hearts, Lisa, Mark, Jade, Allie & Bailey


Jamie said...

Hello Charlie and Ali,

I just wanted to let you know that Ashton(my husband) and I are praying for you guys. I prayed for baby cate all day today and I will continue to keep her and your family in our prayers. Word has gotten around and it seems to be the talk of the town of Rayne. I know God will take care of you all. Miss you guys - God bless and Take care

Love always,
Jamie Fonseca (breaux)

Perks said...

We found Cate's blog through the Carnes family. Praying for your sweet little one.

I admire your strength and faith.

Anonymous said...

As we wait on the healing power that only God can deliver we beg the Blessed Mother to hold you all in her motherly mantle. May you feel her sweet presence around you as she can understand better than any other person what it feels like to watch your perfectly sinless child suffer. Her heart is crying with you and I know she is at the feet of Jesus praying for you right now. Please know our family will surely be praying for you-our little Payton and Vivian offered up their night prayers tonight for baby Cate. Suffering is so hard but Jesus is carrying the cross with you-He will never leave us alone. I love you both and pray God's blessing and grace to be showered upon you. Please let us know if we can do anyting!love and hugs, jeff & tonya godchaux

Anonymous said...

Dear Cantrell family,

I wanted to let you know that you had 50-60 people ages 15-22 praying HEARTFELT prayers for baby Cate last night.

We were in the middle of deep prayer through Praise and Worship when Mrs. Genie Summers came in the room and announced your situation. Immediately we began begging Jesus' help.

Of course our prayers haven't stopped!

Jaime Normand

Jame said...

I don't know you guys too well, but i have to say Baby Cate seems very strong and i am praying very hard for this beautiful little gift that God has put on this earth. Everything happens for a reason, and i believe that. I hope everything goes well and again you guys are in my prayers, and i am positive the gates of heaven are flooded with everlasting prayers.

Love, Jamie Cobb

Molly said...

Charlie and Ali,

You guys have been in my thoughts constantly. Kevin and I have not stopped praying for little Cate. We tell anyone we see to lift her up in prayer. You guys are never far from our thoughts. Hang in there, we love you!

Jon Robert said...

Charlie and Ali...
I'm praying for you and Cate!
Jon Robert Marks