Friday, June 13, 2008

2nd Consultation Update

Alright, we met with Doris again just minutes ago. Everything is still going well. Cate is still on the heart lung/bypass machine. They have closed the two holes in her heart and were able to use her own pericardium, which is the sack which her heart sits in, so they did not have to use any artificial material. Dr. Salazar is looking at the Pulmonary Valve right now. He is concerned that it might not be work well enough. He is not sure. So there is a possibility that they will take her off the bypass machine to see how the valve will work now that the holes are repaired. If it does not function at a level he is satisfied then they will put an artifical valve in. The bad thing about that is that putting an artifical valve increases the chances that Cate will have to have another surgery in the years to come. The nurse said it will definitely be 6:00pm or after before they are finished up. We should get another update around 5:00pm. Ali and I are doing very well! Our Father is faithful and Cate is a fighter, we have alot of faith in BOTH of them!!! Love you guys....KEEP PRAYING!


Megs said...

Ali and Charlie,

We are sending prayers right now and can't wait for an update!

Megan (Marine) Perkins and family

Anonymous said...

Prayers going up! Keep your eyes on the Calmer. He is closer than your next breath. We love you~

Angie Dore said...

Ali and Charlie- We are sending our prayers and love your way! God will continue to grant you courage and wisdom! Thanks for keeping us posted! We love you both and appreciate your faithful witness!