Friday, June 13, 2008

Waiting Game

hey guys,

Just wanted to give you brief update. Its 7:30am they came in
at 6:15am and told us they were coming to get us. So, we are
running a bit behind schedule. Once Cate is in surgery I will give
yall an update. Thanks for th prayers keep them coming. Baby
Cate was doing good till about 20 minutes ago when she realized
that she hasn't eaten since 11:30pm last night and that her crying
is not getting her feed, so she is a little upset right now. Pray for
a full belly for her sake!

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning Charlie,

You are all in my prayers. Cate's candle was lit this morning. I know that Blessed Seelos will be by her side asking GOD for a successful surgery and recovery. Call if you need 337-581-9949.

Ms. Jo