Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Short and Sweet, But Very Important

Greeting to all we are just quieting down for the night, Ali and I are emotionally and physically whipped today, but trying to not complain about it, there are alot of people who have been here ALOT longer than us, so please pray that our hearts may continue to be gracious, it doesn't come easy after 6 days with little sleep and the emotional ride of you life, and seeing your child lie motionless on a table, but we truly desire it and so Ali and I ask you to pray with us for graciousness and peace. Dr. Salazar is going to try again in the morning to ween Cate off the machine, he is more confident than I have seen him in a while. So, we are once again petitioning you to pray, to knock harder, to tell God that we are really think that this a great idea and there are ALOT of us who think the same, so jump on board! Ok, folks exhaustion has now offically set in, I just told God to, "Jump on Board." Please Please pray I will write more when my brain is functioning at its normal capacity of 37.5761%. I love you, PLEASE JOIN US IN PRAYER tomorrow morning at 8:00am. I will update you as soon as we hear something. God Bless you all!!! Good night!


aimee landreneau said...

Going to sleep now with you three on my heart. God is using you guys in such powerful ways to minister to His Church. Thank you for loving Him so well through this, and for letting Him love you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing me joy in the midst of the craziness! Your random jokes help me get through homework. Yes I procrastinate by reading the blog! You guys are just so amazing I hope that I would have the same faith and strength in the same situation. And just so you know like I told you way back in the day I'm an amazing babysitter. So when that little girl is feeling great I want a chance to babysit!
Love you and praying always,

Anonymous said...

We've never met. I'm Hudson's sitter. When his family asked for prayers on your behalf I started reading and couldn't quit. Your family has been in my thoughts and prayers daily. Your faith is an inspiration second to none, not just to me but obviously to people all over the world. Although Hudson is better and will be leaving TCH soon my family will continue to pray for your family. God bless and be with you all through out your journey. I can't imagine anything but a successful outcome.

Keep the faith,

Anonymous said...

Know that the Greenfields will be knocking hard tomorrow morning... and we can be quite loud!

Stephanie and Pete Greenfield

becky menard said...


em vanderlick said...

I'm heading to bed shortly, just thought I'd check in one last time for the night. Y'all have become such a big part of my days...prayers, conversations, blog checks, email forwards. Thank you for having the strength & willingness to so candidly keep us updated & in touch.

Continued prayers & the BESTEST :)
of wishes-

Anonymous said...

you guys will be in my every thought and prayer tomorrow morning.... charlie, i love how you can keep jokes flying and make everyone laugh even during such a hard time for you and your family... and especially with your 37% brain capacity and lack of sleep..hehe jj...ill be refreshing at a constant pace tomorrow morning :) love, erin dawson

Kristen Dunbar said...

Charlie and Ali,

It has been so powerful to read your journey...my heart is heavy for you, but so hopeful. Every time I hold Maria, I envision Ali and Cate, and I know the longing she must feel. I pray that Ali's arms would be filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit, with the same love that fills her heart for Cate. I want to thank you for the witness you've brought to my family (extended and immediate). My sister's son (who is 12 days old) will undergo open heart surgery within the next couple of days at Children's Hospital in New Orleans (this was expected)for his heart condition (HLHS). Your stories and thoughts have offered our family a great deal of perseverance and inspiration during this time. I find it no coincidence the compassion the Lord has provided in our lives by having a daughter Cate's age, a nephew about to undergo open heart surgery as well, and the fact that my school faculty's summer reading book is "A Gift of Hope" by Tony Melendez (Yes, the teachers have a summer reading book...way cooler than it sounds.). As a baby he was thought to not even make it...but his family never lost hope...just like you and Ali. We are praying hard for you, united in your struggles, and so hugely w/ Fr. Seelos' intercessions. Thank you again for your constant updates...they are life support for us. God Bless, and may God give you abundant rest.

catherine said...

-Jumping on board hoping that you all can SMILE!- It is a good feeling when you think about it.


Cheree said...

Please try to take care of yourselves a little and get some rest. I know it's easier said than done. I'm praying that God gives you comfort and rest tonight and I will be praying with you in the morning.
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

I'll be praying tomorrow goes well!
-Jackie Drilling

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you, and you are not in this alone.
Take care

Love Brooklyn
with the Holy Names Univ. family

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali,
I was talking with a friend from college tonight about Baby Cate. She had read some of the blogs over the last couple of days and we started talking about you two. I said to her..."You know, they are like really fun, down to earth, real people, AND their faith is so strong and they're humble..." and then she cut me off and said "and non-judgemental and human, kind of like Jesus." We laughed, but it's true...not that you're Jesus, but you guys resemble Him. It's been years since I've talked to either of you, and I still admire yall and am so thankful for the impact you've made in my faith. I'm praying for you guys and for Cate! Who knew I would ever pray this hard for someone I'd never met?

Kelly Clark

Joann said...

Good Night to the Cantrell family.

CAMERON said...

Good Night and God Bless, sleep w/ the Angels we are praying....

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali:
Again you all were first on my mind when I awoke this morning. God is using you guys more than any of us can even imagine! He will lift you out of your exhaustion because you cling to Him. In prayer for you.

april said...

Will be praying for you guys.
april d

Anonymous said...

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Rest in Him!

Aunt Wilma said...

Ali & Charlie,

We have all been blessed to have known Cate for 7 months - such a joy!!! With God's help we will have her for many years. Take care of yourselves. All of you are so special to me.

Love and hugs
Aunt Wilma

Mimi said...

It's now tomorrow morning! I'll be knocking on that door with you! I'll also remind my walking friends to do so as well this morning. Love you guys! You're amazing!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Ali&Charlie. Blessings to you as this new day begins. Our desires and prayers are that Dr. Salazar and his team will be successful in weening our precious Cate off the machine. Hopefully her heart will have the strength to begin beating with a rhythm that will sustain her life once again. Grandpa LeRoy wants you to know that he has been praying constantly for all of you and offering his pain for sweet Cate's recovery.
We love you dearly,
Aunt June

Anonymous said...

Ali & Charlie,

my oldest daughter Madeline attends Kangaroo Pouch with Ella. Just wanted you to know that our family is praying for yours!!! I pray that God will heal your beautiful Baby Cate!!

Tessa Dischler

Megan Perkins said...

The Perkins are knocking hard this morning asking God to JUMP ON BOARD!

Megan, Jason, Hayes, Mary Elizabeth and Samuel Perkins

Anonymous said...

Charlie & Ali,
NO one can understand or know what you both are going through-only God knows and He will sustain you and walk beside you, holding you up during this storm. You both would not be human if you were not feeling all the feelings you talk about. When you think you can't go on another day, God is there lifting you up. We so wish we could be in Houston with you, but please know you all are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers always. We love you DEARLY!!

Much love & God Bless,
Cathy & Bill

Anonymous said...

Charlie & Ali: May our God's grace be with both of you and all of your family. I know Jesus, our Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit are surrounding Cate and y'all constantly. Claim Jesus' promise in Hebrews 13:5b-'for He hath said, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee'. For strength, read Isaiah 39:28-31*, Isaiah 41:10& 13, John 14:16-18*. Love, Jo Ann Fontenot