Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good Day

Greetings to all, we are quietly sitting in our room before our families show up for a visit so I thought i would send you all an update about Baby Cate's day. We arrived at Texas children's hospital at 8:00am this morning. We were immediately taken and given massages and spring facials, SIKE. We were immediatley taken to get an EKG, then Chest X-Rays, Bloodwork, meetings with the Nursey Practioner for anastesiology, a Physicians Assistant to the surgeon, a childlife specialist, and went on a tour of the 3 floors that we will be on while Cate is here at TCH and this was all before 12pm. So, needless to say it was a very busy morning. We ran into a friend of ours who is in his Fellowship in Cardiology here at TCH, just a great connection with a close friend who could explain everything and answer anything us dumb cajuns still didn't understand. He even stopped by our room tonight just to make sure we were feeling good about the day and to give us his number in case we had a freak out session during the middle of the night. God is amazing, he has gently calmed our fears and reminded us that again he is here and we need not worry. Ali, Cate, and I went and got some lunch down in the food court and then went back up for our 1:30 appt. with Dr. Salazar. While waiting on Dr. Salazar, Cate's favorite nurse of the morning came and got her, took her around to everyone that was working to show them how cute Cate was. Everyone we met today said, we're not supposed to say this, but she is absolutely beautiful. We were like, yeah we know. Then Dr. Salazar came in, I think my wifes heart went piter pater. He was awesome! Very clear, very calm, told us like it was. He said you know I can say with 97% certainty that everything is going to go smoothly tomorrow. He said, would you like a 1 to 3% chance something might go wrong or 50/50. I said I would chose the 1 to 3%. He agreed, so I think we are going to go shoot some hoops later and we will probably be friends. Yesterday as we were driving here I got to thinking about Blessed Xavier Seelos and how he has been with Cate for almost her whole life now. I decided that I was going to go out on a limb and ask Dr. Salazar if he would take our 1st Class relic of Fr. Seelos into the operating room with Cate. So, as we were wraping up our meeting today, he said, You can send Cate into surgery with her favorite blanket, bear, bunny, whatever, and I am thinking HERE IS MY CHANCE! I said Dr. Salazar my wife and I are devout Catholics and Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos has been our intercessor for Cate since we found out there was complications in Utero. We have a relic that we would like to send in to the operation room with you all so that he can physically be there with yall. He smiled, he said, "In the morning ask the anastesiologist (sp?) if that would be ok, actually just kinda insist that it has to go in with her. In fact, tell them that Dr. Salazar said that he is going to put it on his Loups Box, which is the instrument that holds the magnification glasses I wear during surgery. And you've got to tell me what they say." I was like YES, mission accomplished, Fr. Seelos, will be with Cate in the operating room! Fr. Drew Wood, my old boss/pastor from St. Laurence Parish in Sugar Land, Tx, came by tonight to see us and Cate. We gathered with our family in the hospital room and we all prayed for Cate, the Surgeons, Doctors, and Nurses who will take care of Cate during this time. it has been a great day and a great night. Ali and I are truly at peace right now and out trust is in our Heavenly Father, who has had Cate in the palm of his hand, since the moment of her existence. It has been a long day and we are all tired, but NOT CATE, she is wide awake, pulling on the IV that is in her foot and rattling the metal bars of the baby bed she is "resting." The phone calls, emails, and text messages are ALL appreciated and encouraging! We are keeping track of all of them so that we can tell Cate in a few years from now all the people who were thinking and praying for her. So, if you were her to know that you care about her at all you better send her a note, hehe. We love you all and ask that you say a special prayer about 7:45am tomorrow morning this is when the surgery will begin. The surgery should last until about 12:30pm. I will update you all as soon as I can. With that I sign off in sweet surrender of our beautiful family to the arms of our Loving Father.


april said...

I hope you had an enjoyable birthday, Ali. You guys have flooded my thoughts and prayers! I know all will go well, you are in excellent hands at TCH - they are wonderful (I had an internship there). God bless and have a peaceful day tomorrow.
april (and the rest of the domingue clan)

Anonymous said...

just a little note for good luck tomorrow during cate's surgery. i'll be praying for her and a few of my family members will have her in their prayers also. miss you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Tell Cate her crazy great aunt, Charlie's favorite auntmloves her and has everyone here praying for her and her family. We love all of you. See you at home and well soon!!! Bella says come back soon, she misses your feet. Love, Suzie, Tom and Ashley