Monday, June 16, 2008

Day of Rest for Cate

Greeting to all of you! Ali and I are sitting in the CVICU waiting room both typing on our computers, kinda feels like we're back in College, tired, wearing the clothes we had on yesterday, drinking bad coffee, but not to much, just a cup or two, not a POT or two, feeling like we just got hit in the face with a two by four. Today they just want to let Cate rest, they really poked, proded and moved her alot yesterday. The plan is today to just leave her alone and let her rest. Her oxygen levels in her brain dropped over night, still at a safe level, but about twenty points lower than it was yesterday morning. They said it was probably just due to the amount of stress she went through yesterday. Its back up this morning to where it was to before they messed with her yesterday. She has developed a little arythmia and her heart rate has dropped pretty low and they can't figure out why. They are talking over the possiblity of putting her pace wires in so that they can regualte what is going on with her heart. Ali has taken to decorating Cate's room. It really is quite funny, there are pictures EVERYWHERE, I keep waiting for her to ask the nurses if they could moves their equipment so she could bring in some potted plants and a fake ficus tree. Yesterday, after decorating Ali took to reading to Cate, because Cate is very advanced for her age:) the reading selection is, The lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis. Yesterday when Ali was reading to Cate, Cate started moving and was trying to open her eyes. Out of all of our children Cate is the most OBSSESSED with her mother. It really is the most endearing thing to watch when we were at home, Ali could walk in the room and Cate would literally hurl her body towards her mother so she could just watch Ali. She would just sit and stare at Ali until she could catch Ali's eye and then she just erupts into the biggest smile. It really is one of my favorite things, Cate can't even concentrate on eating when Ali is around, which for a Cantrell is a very strange occurance. Ali, had the opportunity to witness to one of the nurses last night, thats my girl!!!, We have a 1st Class relic of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos on Cate's Bed right next to hear hed. Cate's nurse asked last night what it was, so Ali told her the whole story of who Father Seelos was and how we got turned on to him, and why we ask him for his prayers for Cate. It was awesome, the nurse was tearing up and she told Ali that she was going to go do research on the computer to find out more about Fr. Seelos, my wife ROCKS!!!!! I wanted to share with you all a vision that I had last night. After i posted the blog yesterday afternoon I was was just reflecting on my words and request that you remain with us because we need you. I was immediatley taken in my mind to Garden of Gethsemani, where Jesus spent his his Agnony in the Garden, and I could hear the words, Will you stay awake with me for one hour. He knew it was his hour and he knew the road ahead. We don not know the road ahead but we know that their will be life and resurrection, but we must remain in the garden of agony for now, and so I know that my sweet Jesus, understands our agony. I know that he knows our hearts, the pain, the fear, the surrender, and he understands my plea to my friends, because He too uttered the same words. Isn't our God awesome that he can come to us and has experienced what we go through in this temporal life? We are comforted to know that there is Ressurection, that there will be life again. And so we wait and we pray for this is our Hour.

Please sign your name at the bottom of your post, so we can know who you are, unless you have a need to remain anoynamous


Marin said...

We continue the journey with you. You are in my constant thoughts and prayers. Know that everyone is with you and baby Cate. May the Lord continue to strengthen you as we continue this marathon together.
Love, Marin, Kyle and Kaylin

aimee landreneau said...

Charlie and Ali~

What strength you both have! Your Cate will forever be in our prayers. I spoke to Ms. Laura this morning, and if you need anything further, my email address is


Anonymous said...

We are awake and with you! Tell Ali that I agree...SHE ROCKS!!!!

I wonder if Baby Cate knows how her life is bringing people closer to Jesus? ....she sure is helping me!

Love...again and again

Anonymous said...

The difference between between Christ and you guys is that we all refuse to fall asleep on y'all. We're here.

Rebecca, Jamie and fam

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I am married to Claire's cousin and she has told us all about this amazing little girl. As a mother of two, I admire your courage, strength and belief. Stay strong and I look forward to reading about Cate's recovery :)
~Shannon Greene

Gretchen said...

Charlie and Ali,
So blessed to share in this marathon with you both. Rest assured that we're in it for the long haul!!!!

The scripture that keeps coming to mind is, "...I will call this to mind, as my reason to have hope: The favors of the Lord are not exhausted, his mercies are not spent; They are renewed each morning, so great is his faithfulness. My portion is the Lord, says my soul; therefore I will hope in him." Lamentations 3: 21-24

Storming heaven for all of you and asking for supernatural wisdom for the doctors. May precious little Cate feel all of the love and prayers coming her two, Ella, and Dude as well! We love you oh so much. Keep on keeping on!

Gretchen, Paul, Marie, Jacob, Sarah and Clare

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali:

I am one of those who has been posting comments, but not signing since you don't know me. I am Aimee Landreneau's mom. God is so using your sweet Cate for our good and His glory. When I read the prayer support that you have, I know that only He could bring so many to Himself. Your strength and faith in our Loving God has moved me to tears many times over the last few days. You are all constantly in my thoughts and in my prayers.
Brenda Verret

Anonymous said...

yall are in my prayers and i will continue to ask others to pray for baby cate. love you and know that im here for whatever you need.
love michaela

Rhea-Claire said...

Charlie and Ali,

Not only are we blessed to share this journey with you, we are blessed to be brought closer to our Lord through it. I thank you for allowing us, many of us who you may not even know, to join your spritual family. The Church is all about community and I thank you and your family for allowing us, as a family, to join with you through this terrible time. Don't forget to cherish the everyday simple moments when the Lord reveals Himself to you-- through a hug, an inspritational word, or a smile from your little angel. We send you our continued support and love... we are there with you, through your garden. Cry out to the Lord and we will cry with you!

Much love and prayers,
Rhea-Claire Hargroder

tula said...

i will stay praying for your family in this Hour. your continued story of trials and perseverance are inspirational to many. you are blessing so many of us with your courage and with your faithfulness to our God. you have so many who are committed to your family in prayer. we are with you, my brother....

in Him,
tula karras

stacey said...

Thank you for allowing us to be with you and your family as we come together to pray for Baby Cate and to watch Jesus in all his glory. Your sweet little girl is so strong and she is so blessed to have wonderful strong parents. I will continue to pray for your family and have called out to others to do the same. Thank you for letting us get to know your family and loving each other in this time.

Anonymous said...

Yall are in my prayers and will continue to be. I am praying for baby Cate and hope all goes well.
Love, Michelle

Anonymous said...

anonymous is anonymously praying for you. :)
love, anonymous

David and Debra said...

Charlie and Ali, We continue to pray for you. Saw the Dude and Ella playing on the driveway yesterday afternoon. I'm afraid the Dude is all Cantrell. Miss Ella has a shot. Will continue following the blog and praying- Love ya, David and Debra

Christina said...

When I was walking up to Communion last night holding my baby, Rachel, they were singing "How Great is Our God" (C. Tomlin). That song has significant meaning for me when I was struggling greatly in the past. I was overwhelmed by emotion for Cate, Charlie and Ali and looked up at Jesus on the Crucifix, singing my heart out, clinging to Rachel, and felt His presence even before I received the Eucharist. I offered up all my prayers for Cate and the Cantrell's. I KNEW that he heard our prayers for Cate and I was comforted and overjoyed by the beauty of that blessing that He is right there with us/Cate/you. Our God is GREAT! Our prayers won't cease, not for one day. We're awake with you Charlie and Ali. Love, Christina Reinhardt

Anonymous said...

"For thus said the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel: By waiting and by calm you shall be saved, in quiet and in trust your strength lies." Isaiah 30:15

I love this verse. And I love hearing of how Cate's heart makes us all reach out in prayer to our Father. We all continue to draw near to Him during this time...for as long as the storm rages on, we will be faithful to this call. Take peace in knowing you are loved. We will carry you through prayer.

all our love
jeremy & courtney barta

Tim said...

Offering Mass today for Cate and your family. Remembering when you, Charlie, lifted me up last summer. Hoping I can do the same for y'all as you walk through this valley. In the midst of this suffering, I am praising God for you all. You are not alone.
Love, Fr. Tim Hepburn

Tammy Noe said...

Charlie and Ali,

Your faith in the face of trial is beyond inspiring. You witness to ALL of us...and I know that right now you are all surrounded by angels, and that Fr. Seelos and many others are interceding on Cate's behalf. I always wonder if Jesus is amazed when so many are praying for one so intensely. You all are in the prayers of so many of us. This morning I was thinking of how each of us in "knit" in our mother's womb...and I asked Jesus to re-knit any parts of Cate's heart that the doctors might have missed. I thanked him for each one of her care providers, but especially for you and Ali and your beautiful faith as you weather this storm. The entire Noe family has you all in our prayers. May his healing Grace overflow in all of us! Tammy Noe

Anonymous said...

Ali and Charlie, I want you to know my family has been praying rosaries and chaplet for your family since we got a text about little Cate. Thank you for being full of faith and sharing your experiences. Is this amazing that a little girl could rock this whole community into prayer! Go Cate! I told everyone I saw at the ball tournament and asked for prayers. Keep the faith!! Love, Amy Johnson and family

Anonymous said...

I will continue to pray faithfully for your family!!! I love reading the Blogs. Its so true that our hearts are the closest to God when we are in crisis, and you can just tell that when you read everything you've written! He is so close to you and I am sure your friends and family will continue to do the same!
Love Teresa Clark

Anonymous said...

After I read your blog last night, I lay in bed thinking...wishing we could help in some way. Let me know if you would like a case of water or gatorade from Sam's delivered to your hotel. Practical things.
hugs--betsy, trey, and fenton

Tracie said...

My dear friend Aimee sent me to this blog, and I just wanted you to know that your family is in my thoughts and prayers. The Lord is your strength on this marathon journey.


Anonymous said...

We are praying everyday for your precious Cate...and for you too. I have passed this on to everyone I know as it hits so close to home for our families. Do you have a love fund set up to help with fiancial burdens? If so, please give me that information. I know so many people, as well as myself, that would love to help you. And like I said earlier, if Ali needs to talk to someone who understands her, please have her email me. if not, my prayers are going up everyday. I know a priest that we met in New Orleans when Mady was so sick..we became best friends with him. I will tell him about Cate...I know he will say prayers too.
Love, Stephanie Johnson

kristen said...

My family and I are still praying and offering up sacrifices for y'all... Thanks for all the updates!

God Bless,
kristen flowers

Bridget said...

We continue to pray, pray, pray for your beautiful family.

-Thomas, Bridget, Brilyn, Caeli, and Presley Fletcher

Christin said...

Charlie and Ali,
You are a truly inspirational family please know that we (McCarthy and Eichert families) are on our knees right next to you. Christ's Peace and grace be with you.
In Christ, Christin

Anonymous said...

As I read about Cate, I am so in awe of you and Ali's faith and unwavering hope and your being there for each other completely. And there are so many 'God moments' that just proves He is there-at Cate's bedside and with you, Ali and the family. Everyone is praying for you all. Fr. Drew asked for special prayers for you and Baby Cate at Life Teen mass last night in out new Church. The prayers are storming heaven.
Picture Mary holding baby Cate at night-Cate is not afraid.
My 'God Calling' book today says"Walk in My Way and trust Me. No evil can touch you. I am yours as truly you are Mine. Rest in that truth. Rest, that is, cease all struggle."
Keep your strength up. I love you all. Lois G.

Christie Noel said...

Charlie! Christie Noel here, although you may remember me as Christie Pitre, from er, 6th grade or so. Luke Lemaire just copied me on the blog, I hope you don't mind.

My husband and I were in your family's place last year with our son, who is now a happy and healthy near-2 year old. Our two weeks in New Orleans for his surgery were the hardest time I have ever gone through but I was never closer to God than before that point.

Don't let this shake your faith, honey, but I know you already know that.

We are all praying for you and if there is anything we can do over on this end, let us know.

Love and prayers,
Christie Noel

Anonymous said...

Charlie & Ali,
I got this post from Kristi Ruffo Blythe....Just wanted to let you know that our thoughts & prayers are with you, your family & lil' Cate.
Lila (Fox) & Chad Ermel

april said...

PLease know that you are in our constant thoughts and prayers. Our family will be offering up all for you during this week. Your faith is truly a gift of God's grace! I am so inspired by your witness and trust in Our Lord. HE IS WITH YOU! May our dearest Mother Mary place her heavenly mantle around your precious Cate and your family. Much love,
april patelli

Rachel said...

Ali and Charlie,

Heidi just sent me the blog link and your messages. Like all your other family and friends, you and Cate are in my thoughts and prayers. It was pretty amazing to read about everything that is going on with Cate. I could feel the love for your little girl. Stay strong and take care of yourselves.
-Rachel Gossen

Art and Lori Garrett said...

Please know that our prayers are with you, it is truly amazing how connected we are through Jesus. Our Mass was offered in Baby Cates name yesterday. Be strong my friend and be humble.
we love you art and lori

Rachael said...

Hey guys!!! You are awesome and how lucky Cate and the rest of your kids are to have such WONDERFUL parents who love the Lord and trust Him so deeply!!! Know that I am praying for your strenth in the midst of this storm and for Cate's strength to keep on fighting!! We just had a misscarriage two weeks ago, so I can assure you that our little Therse Marie is praying up as a storm for you up there! (she always listens to her mommy!)
Remember...God stands in the midst of the storm!!!

Be still and know that HE is God!!!!

christine said...


I heard about baby Cate through my cousin, (Kelly). Kelly has been asking for prays for your family and baby Cate. Cate is a precious little girl. I will keep ya'll in my thoughts and prays.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I have been reading your blog and keeping up with the messages through the facebook group and just thought I'd say that I have kept you and Cate in my prayers and asked my family to do the same. You guys were always so great back when you were at St. Laurence and I feel that my prayers are the least I can do is let you know you are in my thoughts and my prayers always. God has a funny way of working that unfortunately we don't get to know the reasoning behind until much later if at all. Stay strong and remember all the people you have praying for you and your daughter. Keep doing what you're doing and though it must be harder than I can imagine keep the faith.

Kelly said...

Charlie and Ali,

Franklin and I are praying for you and keeping your family close to our hearts. Cate was almost all I could think or pray about yesterday at Mass, so the prayers will definitely keep coming! I pray that the Lord blesses ya'll with strength and peace.

All Our Love,
Kelly and Franklin Diaz

cokey clark said...

Charlie and Ali,
It's been so long since I've seen you and was so saddened to hear all you are going through. In reading your blogs and all the comments, my faith is strengthened. Even in these hard times, you are an inspiration. My prayers are with you and for all your family. TCH is a wonderful place to be if you have to be somewhere and the Holy Spirit is strong there.
God bless you!
Love, Cokey

Paula said...

I am a friend of Hudson's family and I am praying for Cate also.
My heart goes out to you during this journey. Keep the faith.... God is so good!

Chris Milbrandt said...

Its Chris and Mitch and travis and baby cana (in my belly)...we have had you in our constant prayers...It's a wonder that God let me meet you all..and the strength you show us...We are ever aware that God is going to use this memory of you all in your hour, to bless us in ours! We feel we've had a few of those "moments in the garden" as well. Asking God to make this cup pass before us...but, Lord..your will be done. We know how hard it can be to utter those words. We utter them for you...and you KNOW you are all covered. Amazing how God's people come together in Love. I LOVE IT! Praise Jesus!

Mary Jane said...

Seelos Prayer Warriors (in TX & LA) and the members The Hearts, Hands & Voices MMP Cenacle are praying for Cate.

God bless,

mj in Dallas

Charles said...


I've been keeping up with Cate, but not writing anything on the blog ... so I figured I'd leave y'all a note. You and Ali are such awesome witnesses of our faith and something tells me that God gave this little blessing to you because he could think of no better, stronger, more faithful people than you two to endure these trials. Keep the faith and know that we all love you and support you and are praying and thinking of you. Peace

Charles Songy

DeaconJim said...

It's something how God puts people into your lives... I received an email today from a fellow worker at the Diocese of Lafayette in Lafayette Louisiana to pray for Cate... I followed the blog and read her story.... I teared up many times during the reading of the blog... and thought throughout the reading how special this child is and will be to many people in her future.. the story she will be able to tell to so many... GOd has something very special in mind for Cate. I will pray for her daily as well as pass the email and blog site on to the other deacons in our diocese... thanks for letting us share in Cate's life... Deacon Jim Kincel Director of Permanent Deacons Diocese of Lafayette Louisiana...

Maria said...

We heard about Baby Cate through Anna Moser. You will all be in our family's prayers daily. May God send His healing power over your beautiful daughter, and may He fill both you and Ali with His strength.

Andrew and Maria (Cordonnier) Bremberg and family

Anonymous said...

my Aunt Dee has offered to call Fr. Patrick Cummings, assigned to St. Luke's & TCH. Let me know if you're interested...I'm sure others have stopped by as well. Just an offer for your precious family.

courtney barta

Anonymous said...

Your little girl is in my prayers every day! Know that you are not alone - God is by your side!!!

Love and prayers,


JenniferJohnson said...

We are praying for you here at the Johnson household. We are going to continue through this journey with you until you make it back home with your waiting sister and brother and even beyond that. We love you!
Love, Jennifer, Jeff, Nathan and Andrew

Anonymous said...

Hello Neighbors,
Just wanted to drop a line to say that we are here with you in our hearts. Everytime we walk outside we think of ya'll. Glad to here the strength between you two. It's amazing. Your faith will surely keep you sane and as for baby Cate I know that with everyone's prayers that she will pull through this and will look at you two with thoughts that she has the greatest parents in the world. Be strong, eat healthy, because you will need all the strength that you have when she comes home. There will be noise again in the backyard of the Cantrelle's. Joey misses seeing the kids. We love ya'll very much and even though we are miles apart right now know that you are in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. Joey and Jenny Privat

Anonymous said...

Hello Neighbors,
Just wanted to drop a line to say that we are here with you in our hearts. Everytime we walk outside we think of ya'll. Glad to here the strength between you two. It's amazing. Your faith will surely keep you sane and as for baby Cate I know that with everyone's prayers that she will pull through this and will look at you two with thoughts that she has the greatest parents in the world. Be strong, eat healthy, because you will need all the strength that you have when she comes home. There will be noise again in the backyard of the Cantrelle's. Joey misses seeing the kids. We love ya'll very much and even though we are miles apart right now know that you are in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. Joey and Jenny Privat

Anonymous said...

My daughter and I take time daily to stop and pray for Cate and her loving family. Along with others from St. Laurence, we will continue to pray.
St Laurence parishioner

Anonymous said...

Ali and Charlie,
We stand with you united in spirit and in prayer. We know and trust that God is bigger than all of this. How pleased He must be with your faithfulness, your surrender, your strength, your reliance on Him. Thank you for sharing your story and for trusting all of us to be your prayer warriors. Be assured that's what we're doing right now!
Much love,
Josh, Heather, Sophie & Sutton Blakesley

Anonymous said...

wow!i cant even guess what yall have been through i am sure alot i know that god will cure cate soon... keep going sometimes i just have to look my kid in the eye and say i love you i konw it is hard to go on with life but always go to god and pray about it just konw cate will be in my prayers and wishes!

Jamie said...

Good Afternoon Charlie and Ali,

Just said a rosary for you guys today. Thanks again for keeping us updated and sharing your faith journey. It helps to strengthen all of ours as well. Have a good day and take care!

Jamie breaux Fonseca

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali,
I wanted to let you know that Pete and I are keeping updated and reading Cate's blog everyday. Please know that Cate, the both of you, and your entire family will remain in our constant prayers. It is true what they say that in the darkest moments is when we can see God most at work. Your strength, faith, and humor are truly an inspiration to us. My God continue to bless Cate!
Stephanie (formerly Gerami) and Pete Greenfield

Sally Dubroc said...

Hey guys,
I have been keeping up with the progress of your baby girl all weekend; needless to say, the Steubenville Florida conference volunteers, participants, and everyone else has been given the request to pray for Cate. I was doing my thing; ( you know, crawling on the floor, ministering to teens) A young lady was in tears, really having a struggle, needing prayer....knowing that God was calling her to do something but feeling tremendous pain at the thought of doing it; as I talked to her, I asked her what her name was: "Cate" she replied. I began to share about the baby but she had already heard about her; I told her that God had a call on her life and I asked if she would offer her suffering for the baby. She said she would; dried her eyes, and began to praise the Lord; it was a powerful moment. I stand in awe at the amazing way God's people come together when one of His children is suffering. There is no doubt in my mind that mighty conversions are happening through all of this; your witness alone fills others with hope.
I love you both and I am a phone call, e mail away.
Sally Dubroc

Melissa said...

WOW! I am a Theresian in Lafayette, LA and a prayer request had been sent to our Theresian sisters all over the world. In that prayer request, was the link to your blog. I have been reading and am totally amazed at your faith. How wonderful!!! I will continue to pray for you and Ali, but more importantly for Baby Cate. May God continue to watch over all of you and the staff at TCH.
Melissa W. Douet
Lafayette, LA

Mrs Pea said...

Charlie and Ali, we are praying for Cate. We live in England and don't know you, but I read about your baby girl on Elisabeth's Real Learning blog, and have visited twice now and prayed each time. I will offer up my day for Cate tomorrow. May God bless her. Love, Lucy

Baby be Blessed said...

I will pour out my prayers for Cate! Please contact me when you have a chance. I would LOVE to make Cate a doll! Please email me at

Hope to hear from you soon!

Anonymous said...

Know that our continuous thoughts and prayers are with ALL of you every moment of everyday!

All my love,

Anonymous said...

Charlie, I met you along time ago, but know Ali well, I am Tonya’s mom. My heart and prayers are with you and your little family. WE never know what storms could come along, but we do know who the storm calmer is!!! The Lord once told me when I faced a devastating situation myself, I heard His voice say, “Only Believe and you will see the glory of God”. Today I share my message with you and tell you , we don’t know the plan, we don’t know the time, but we know the author of all there is, and he is faithful to keep His promise when he said ‘By the stripes of Jesus , we are healed”.

I will stand in the storm with you until we see God’s glory!!! Mount up like wings on an eagle
Giselle Cormier

Anonymous said...

My name is Courtney Guidry. I heard about your precious Cate through 2 (almost simultaneous) emails that I received from Gretchen George and Mary Jane from the Seelos Shrine. I have a miracle through the powerful intercession of Blessed Seelos, and I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is storming the throne of Jesus with Cate's request. Please know that I am praying for Cate and your family as you go over this "bump in the road". May our loving God continue to show His mercy and faithfulness to you both.
God bless you,
Courtney Guidry

Anonymous said...

Divine Physician,
You infused Francis Xavier Seelos with the gift of Your healing.
By the help of his prayers, sustain in me the grace to know Your will and the strength to overcome my afflictions. For love of You, make me whole.
May I learn from the example of Blessed Father Seelos
and gain comfort from his patient endurance.

Ali & Charlie please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. If there is anything that we can do, please don't hesitate to ask... God Bless you all!!!

We Love You!!!
The Breaux's, Comeaux's, Mouton's, Calhoun's & Richard's

Polly @ Angel_Wings Prayer Warriors said...

Sweet Cate,

Angel Chance Mitchell has a prayer request and link to your blog. I am with Angel_Wings Prayer Warriors and am lifting you and your family in special prayers today. I will alert our Prayer Warriors you and your family are in need of prayers.

"Blessed is he who trusts in the Lord." Provers 16:20

cheryl said...

charlie & ali

you are constantly in our hearts and prayers! as i've read the blogs
i've been in tears.caroline keeps
asking me what's wrong momma? are those happy tears? i was able to answer her truthfully... yes God is
working his Power!!!(this year's theme at RCE's VBS) we miss Cate
so much! caroline made a card for her yesterday and a father's day card for "mr. charlie" because cate
is too little & she was getting her
broken heart fixed! if you guys need anything please don't hesitate
to ask. Please give baby Cate a kiss from me!


with love,the comeauxs'
cheryl, brent, caroline, and caelan

Jennifer said...

I am a friend of Aimee Landreneau, and she asked for prayers for Cate.
I read some of your blogs and am so moved by your devotion to Bl. Seelos. He has helped me tremendously in my life and continues to walk closely with me and my family. I feel very confident that Cate is in his sweet hands and God's glory will reign. Your faith is so inspiring that I just have to thank you. Thank you thank you thank you! God bless...and you are in my prayers.

Jennifer Schmuck

Anonymous said...

Dear Charlie and Ali,
Danny and I are praying for you and your family. Keep the faith and press on. The mighty God is faithful to you.
we love you,
Jackie and Danny Simon

Mimi said...

I emailed you to let you know about a dinner while you are waiting. If you haven't already, please check your email and go ahead and order. We're keeping all of you in our prayers and in our hearts. This blog has really helped!
Mimi, Adam Barousse's mom

Pat Broussard said...

Charlie and Ali;
Mr. Ted and I will continue to pray for you guys. Charlie you have been blessed with wonderful gifts, your wisdom,your humor, your faith but most of all your wonderful family. We are with you in spirit.

Do me a big favor and listen to the doctor when he says get some rest and eat well. Baby Cate needs a healthy mommy and daddy.


Pat and Ted Broussard

Kayla said...

Ya'll are all in my prayers and have been since I first heard about Cate not long after she was born!

Your sister in Jesus & Mary,
Kayla Gaspard

Anonymous said...

Ali, I just heard about baby Cate and now keep up with the blog. Thank you for keeping everyone updated. You and your family are so blessed with all the love and support from those around you. Please know that you and your family are in my prayers.

Lori Debaillon

Millie said...

Ali, I just found out about precious Cate. I am in constant prayer for all of you. Every beat of my heart is a whisper of love and prayer for Cate's heart. I love you all. Ms. Millie

Jennifer Swanson said...

Charlie and Ali,
I've just learned of your story, and intentions for Cate will be top on my prayer list.
We are sending our love from Arizona, and look forward to reading of Cate's recovery.
May God continue to bless you. You are so very strong...
Jennifer Swanson

Megs said...

Just popping in to let you know we're still here with you!

Megan, Jason, Hayes, Mary Elizabeth and Samuel Perkins

Mallory said...

Dear Charlie and Ali,

I am keeping you and your family in my prayers. You are such a witness of what it means to fight the good fight and to trust. Being able to find ways to evangelize and laugh in this time of immense struggle is such a witness to me and to many others I am sure. I will specfically be praying for peace rest and joy for you and your family, though there really are so many virtues that you are already showing the world. Way to go Ali for being such a witness to the nurse! God recognizes all of your sacrfices and willingness to still spread his message. Wow! What a family ya'll are. Well, by the way, my name is Mallory. I live in NOLA and I heard about your beautiful child through the Stella email. I'm praying and will continue. Also, I'm not sure if you need anything or where you live in LA, but I'd be more than happy to help. My email is ANYTHING to help, don't hesitate to ask. God Bless Y'all!

In His Hope,
Mallory McCloskey

Lauren said...

Peace be with you. I am so touched by Cate's story. I have no words to express, just a sincere gratitude for the beautiful love and the witness you all are. My prayers and thoughts are with you, Cate, Ali and your babes.
~Lauren Miller

Anonymous said...

thought of this song:

I have journeyed
Through the long, dark night
Out on the open sea
By faith alone
Sight unknown
And yet His eyes were watching me

The anchor holds
Though the ship is battered
The anchor holds
Though the sails are torn
I have fallen on my knees
As I faced the raging seas
The anchor holds
In spite of the storm

love you,
the bermans

Anonymous said...

Wherever we were today @ 2:00 teens and Core members stopped to pray a rosary. Some knelt in our new church in front of Mary, and others paused while they were traveling or took a break at work. We placed Cate and your whole family at her feet asking her to take you all to the strong, healing hands of her Son.

Your St. Laurence family loves you.

Anonymous said...

Charlie & Ali,
I am Sheilah, Ms. Mattie's daughter and Desi's mom. I just had to let you know that both you and Ali are an inspiration to all, I admire your faith, courage and love for one another and for our saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. Baby Cate has been and will continue to be in my thoughts and my prayers. She has managed to gather so many people together for prayer at such a young age, can you imagine what the future has in store for her!!!

JoAnn Duplechin said...

Good afternoon Charlie and Alli, Finally got the internet going. We are in Florida since Saturday and feel quite guilty that we are resting and you are in such a termoil. I have been running down to the lobby to check the blog periodically because that is the only way I can hopefully find someones router (not secure). I have managed to keep up a little. When I was vacuming this evening around our precious grandchild (sand and all)I noticed an ethernet card behind the sofa. Tell Cate that I am getting old to run up and down to the lobby to check on her. But she is worth it. You are constantly in our prayers. Keep us posted. I feel that Blessed Seelos has brought us closer. God bless him and all of us. Gotta go, Wesley is calling. Never thought I would see the day that I am still her on this earth watching my children and grandchild and future grandchild enjoy life. I know that one day you and Alli will be able to see Cate enjoy her life.

Ms. Jo

the perrys said...

Charlie and Ali,
My husband and I continue to follow your blog on Cate. It brings us back to when our own son, Owen was fighting for his life. We know how your heart is breaking even though you know that God is in control. We are being prayer warriors for all of you. Blessings and Peace to you all!
Chris, Denise, Owen, Brayden and Julianna Perry
"So be strong and take courage, all you who put your hope in the Lord!" Psalm 31:24

Gaby said...

Hey Charlie, Ali, and family,

I just wanted you to know I'm definately praying and thinking about you guys, and so is my family. Cate is in good hands. Thanks for being such an inspiration and a wonderful example of what it is to have faith.

"I am content with weaknesses,hardships,persecutions,and constraints, for the sake of Christ; for when I am weak, then I am STRONG."
2 corinthians 12:10

Gaby Canavati
p.s. Miss y'all!!

Sandra Martin said...

Charlie, Ali, and Supporting Crew,
You are all very popular in heaven. All of my faithful novenas are being heard, and our Awesome
God is healing our girl and her family every moment. Please know that I love you all so much, am praying constantly, and asking everyone to keep ya'll in their prayers also. There is a palpable knowing that our prayers are being answered. THANK YOU GOD!
Please don't hesitate to call if I can do anything to help.
Dr. Sandra

Wade Swanson said...

Charlie and Ali:

Please know that the Swanson clan in Phoenix has now joined the legions who are praying for your family. In fact, our oldest son (who was born on November 7 in 2005, and who will be talking with the angels before falling asleep tonight) will be seeking special blessings for Cate.

Charlie: from one father to another, my heart goes out to you. You are an incredible example of courage and faith. I support you and salute you.

With all our love and prayers of peace, hope, and strength for your family,

Wade, Jennifer, Cooper, Isaac, and Jude (due to arrive in August).

Jenny said...

Charlie and Ali,

We are praying for all of you. Yall are such a strong family and if there is anything Jake and I could do please let us know. The kids are welcome to come over. We will keep praying for yall and we love yall so much.

Love Jake, Jenny, Peyton, and Parker.

Leah B said...

We love you Ali, Charlie and baby Cate. You are in our prayers daily and we think of you often. God bless you and your family.

Leah, Cassie, Greg, Elliot,and Jude

sangodchaux said...

Charlie and Ali...
Words cannot express what we feel for you and Baby Cate. You are in our prayers daily. May Mother Mary place you all under Her mantle and give you the faith, strength, and grace to face everyday with courage. Remember, Our Lady is standing at Cate's bedside holding her little hand and talking to her when you cannot be.
In Christ Love,
John, Sandy, Jacob, & Mason Godchaux (Tonya Godchaux's sister-in-law)




Beslin said...

Hey Guys, Its Travis Beslin. Just wanted you to know that I have been praying for you guys harder than I've ever prayed before. The facebook group has really been keeping me updated, since I check it so often, and everytime I read a post, I say a little prayer for you guys. Just know that it is all in God's hands.
I'll keep praying,

Michele said...

You and your family, especially precious Cate, are in our prayers and the prayers of our homeschool group. Continue clinging to Jesus.


Anonymous said...

I will pray for your whole family to be strong. I know GOD is with all of you at a time like this.

GOD Bless ya'll


Robbie said...

Hi! I heard about baby Cate from Marsha, and I just want you to know that your family is in my thoughts and prayers. I've just read the most recent post, and am hoping and praying that all goes well. I have a 3 year old, and my youngest just turned 1 last weekend, and I couldn't imagine being in your shoes. Please stay strong, and continue to keep us posted. I hope all goes well!


Dave MCCoy said...

Charlie and ALi

Know that Marie and Dave McCoy have and will continue to pray for you and Cate. We love you guys and I am simply at a loss for words. I will just continue to pray.

Miss Monica said...

Hey guy's it's Miss Monica from Kangaroo's Pouch, just wanted to drop a line and let you all know we are all praying for you. We are taking good care of Ella and Charlie and giving them extra extra love at this difficult time. Charlie is adjusting really well at the Pouch. He just fits right in with everyone else and really enjoys himself. You all are always on our minds and in our thoughts and prayers. May Cate's recovery be a speedy one. Stay strong!! Love Ya'll
Blessings forever!!!

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali,
Wanted you all to know that some young people from Notre Dame in Crowley are in Medjugorje. We have e-mailed their group and will try to reach them by phone to have them lift you all up. They will be with Fr. Jozo on Tuesday. Know that you are in our prayers.
May our good God bless you more than I could ask or imagine,
Cathy Mahaffey

Marguerite Doucet Blanchard said...

You go with me all day everyday. Your family has truly been a testimant to faith, courage, and strength. God Bless you and Cate!

Marguerite Blanchard

Anonymous said...

I dunno if you remember me, but I'm Trey Harrington and I was a freshman at St. Laurence your last year. I jut wanted to let you know that your old family down here in Sugar Land has been praying like crazy for Cate. I mean holy hours, rosarys, the works. We love you guys and you did so much for our parish and life teen that you have never been forgotten. We are going to continue storm heaven until God gets so tired of hearing the same prayers that he just answers them and lets you take Cate home healthy and happy. Don't lose faith because the Cantrell family has an army of God's people behind them that is truly unstoppable.


Anonymous said...

i got the word passed on to Crossroads Church in Lafayette, we're all praying for your baby girl!! love you guys!!


Mary Jane said...

I offered my Communion for Baby Cate this evening. Before Mass, I lit a candle by Our Blessed Mother that will burn for almost a week!

May Our Lady place Her mantle over your whole family!
God bless.

mj in dallas

april d said...

Ali and Charlie
I just have to tell you that your faith is earth shattering to me. You guys are such an inspiration to us all. I have spoken to many people about Baby Cate, all of which are sending their thoughts and prayers. I truly feel that Baby Cate is resting in His arms, so no worries, she is at great peace and she will keep you on your toes when this is all over. Love you!
april, david, malyse and conner.

Nicole said...

You are in our prayers. May God strengthen you. Our daughter has been in the NICU for 6 weeks, since she has been born. They were going to put her on ECMO a few times, but she avoided it. I will off up my sufferings for your family!

glenda said...

Ali and Charlie,
You are all in my prayers. I know how tired you must be, but hang in there. We just have to pray harder. Cate is a beautiful child. I have asked my friends and family to keep Baby Cate in their prayers.

Glenda Robichaux

Anonymous said...

still praying!!!!!!! Our God is an awesome God and I know His hand is holding Baby Cate as she rests.
All our love, Jeff and Tonya

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali,
"those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint" -Isaiah 40:31
Stay strong and keep the faith!Thanks for the updates! I'm staying tuned!
Jackie Drilling

Anonymous said...

We were given this prayer when my dad was in ICU and feel prompted to share it with you:
Heavenly Father Prayer
Heavenly Father,I call you right now in a special way. It is through your power that Cate was created. Every breath Cate takes, every morning she wakes and every moment of every hour she is under your power. Father, we ask you now to touch Cate with that same power. For if you created her from nothing, you can certainly recreate her. Fill Cate with the healing power of your spirit. Cast out anything that should not be in her. Mend what is broken. Root out any unproductive cells. Open any blocked arteries or veins and rebuild any damaged areas.Remove all inflammation and cleanse any infection.Let the warmth of your healing love pass through Cate's body to make new any unhealthy areas so that her body will function the way you created it to function.And Father, restore Cate to full health in mind and body so that she may serve you the rest of her life. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

We gave a copy of this to everyone we came into contact with and asked them to pray it with us each day.
All my love, Tonya

mandy miller said...

Charlie and Ali-
Since I found your blog this morning, I find myself thinking about Baby Cate and you two constantly. I pray for a speedy recovery for Cate and for God to continue to strengthen you guys to endure. I also pray for Ella and Dude during your time apart. Hoping to see you back home soon.

Anonymous said...

Ali and Charlie,
Don's hour of Adoration is 10-11pm and he will have Cate in his prayers before Jesus. I am out of town praying the rosary on my fingers, and my heart aches for you. I know Cate is in the palm of His hand.
In Christ,
Don and Maureen Cordier

Lynn Gallagher said...

I do not know what to say, but God bless you, and your precious Cate. You do not know me, but I feel I know you. My daughter Claire babysits for your three beautiful children, and has often shared adorable pictures and moments from each of them. She has kept our family and friends abreast of Cate's journey. As you already know there are many people praying with, and for, you and yours. Please know that we are among that group. I am inspired by your faith and courage, and that of your precious daughter. If there is anything that we can do, do not hesitate to let Claire know.
Lynn Gallagher

Anonymous said...

Ali and Charlie,
Just thinking of you guys this evening. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May Baby Cate and her little heart have a restful evening (and her mommy and daddy too).
Love, Alyssa

Ray Haeuser said...

I look forward to the day not too far down the road when Cate can exlain C.S. Lewis to me. I'm sure that Mr. Lewis, were he still with us, would say with far more elequence than I just how much I'm thinking of all of you.

Ray Haeuser

Aimee Landreneau said...

Sweet friends,

We will go to sleep thinking and praying for your Cate. We will be tireless in prayer for you.

Love, The Landreneaus

Anonymous said...

I received information in an email from Arleen Leblanc. I will keep you in my prayers.

Jackie Ware

Debbie Breaux said...

Charlie and Ali,
If our thoughts and prayers could be answered immediately, you would be taking Cate home tomorrow. As you well know, Only God has the answer. Our family is thinking and praying for you and your entire family. We miss you! God Speed!!!!
Debbie, Darrell, William, and Devin Breaux.

Anonymous said...

Tonight at our Steubenville Meeting your prayer need was announced.The students were asked to do any sacrifice that they could for baby Cate. Also 6 students from Notre Dame are in Medjugorje. We have sent your intentions to them. I believe that a few of the girls know Ali's little sister. You both "rock"! I am praising and thanking God for your faith and for everything!
Our God is an awesome God!!
God bless you,
Cathy Mahaffey

Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but I saw several of my friends had joined a prayer group for baby Cate on Facebook. Since then I have checked the blog and prayed daily for your beautiful baby. The chorus from one of my favorite songs comes to mind as I read your blog:
"When the oceans rise and thunders roll, I will soar with You above the storm. Father You are King over the flood, I will be still, know You are God."

I will continue to pray for your baby, and for peace and strengh to your entire family.

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali,
Jackie told me the other day about little Cate's condition. I just read your updates on this blog. I find it soooo hard to keep the emotions in. May God's grace and love be with you all! We will being keeping your blessed family in our prayers.

Eddie, Jackie, Lucy, & Dominic Knoell

Ann said...

Charlie and Ali,
You and your family are in our constant thoughts and prayers.

Josette said...

I did not know till today that there was a posting about Cate. We are praying for your family and especially for Cate. If there is anything I can do back in Rayne please let me know. Our prayers go out to you. May God bless you with his goodness.

Barry, Josette and family

Anonymous said...

Dear Charlie and Ali,
Alison Breaux has been keeping me updated on Cate. Thank God she sent me this blog. I am so inspired by the all of you and will continue to keep each of you in my constant thoughts and prayers.
Love ya'll,
Hali Marshall

Anonymous said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers.
God Bless your family.

Joanna (Jojo Swenson) Watwood