Sunday, June 15, 2008

Quick Update

They just called from to let us know that they are just getting started, its 9:00am


Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali: You do not know me, but we are all united with you as the Body of Christ as we storm the gates of heaven on behalf of your little one and your family.

Aimee said...

We are lighting a candle for sweet Cate as I type this. We are praying with confidence in our Father, knowing that His will is always perfect.

Phil, Aimee, Jacob, Mary-Grace and Ava Landreneau

Anonymous said...

We are praying this morning that God's healing hands guide the medical team and that her precious heart beat steady and strong! May today be a BLESSED father's day for you Charlie. All our love,Jeff and tonya

Anonymous said...

I pray for you this day, so that you may enjoy all of the happiness that baby Cate has to offer. In my prayers for as long as God needs.

Alison said...

Sending my love! Happy Father's Day Charlie... keeping you all in my prayers :) Alison

Anonymous said...

This situation, and the faith that it is solidifying and building in you and all who are connected is beautiful. My faith grows as well, as I watch you walk through this. Happy Father's Day Charlie.

Bridget said...

We are praying.

The Fletcher Family

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali:
Prayer is the greatest power we have on this earth. Richie and I are offering all of ours for Cate.
May God continue to watch over you all+
Love you
Chris and Dick(Kate Barta's) parents

Anonymous said...

Ali and Charlie,

As I traveled to Houston for the grand opening of the new chruch and Father's Day I discovered the condition of your sweet baby girl. I have gone back and read many entries and what a roller coaster ride yall have been through, but your faith is such an inspiration to me as you continue your journey so optimistically (and with a little Charlie humor as well)! Anyways she is most definatly in my prayers at this time as well as you guys and your families! Thanks for being so active in the updates and keeping us all informed during this time.

I also got to see pictures of the other two rascals! Ella is huge! I remember babysitting her and seeing her at Cates size! They are both sooo big and look like tons of fun!

I just wanted to say hi and let you know my prayers are now joining the long chain that is following her!

Love always,
~Lindsay Hopson~

Anonymous said...

Teens and Core members have been storming the Divine Mercy Chapel for the past couple of days. In a very real way, we are all saying, "Jesus, we trust in you!" during this time.
The McMullin's

Anonymous said...

Ali and Charlie, All of your Lafayette friends (and our parents) are praying hard for the Cantrells- we are blessed to witness your strength and faith! God hold you both in the palm of His hand and shower you with continued courage! - Angie and Mark and family

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali,
We offered up Mass for sweet Cate today as well as many rosaries and divine chaplets the last couple of days. We are touched by your faithfulness in God during this scary and difficult time. You are truly living out your wedding vows as you support one another. Thank you for being a witness of faith for us. Know that you are in our deepest prayers. We are asking our sweet little one in her own way to intercede for Cate. We love you so so so much. love, Klair and Paul Latino

Melissa said...

We just learned this morning of your family's challenges during this last year. You will be in our prayers today and the days to come. You remind me so much of PawPaw, he'd be so proud of you.
Melissa & Jay Smith
Catherine & Hannah

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlie & Ali,
I am very good friends with a friend of Ali's sister. My name is Stephanie Johnson and I know your pain all to well. My little girl Madyson was born with a heart defect..actually 2. One so rare that it wasn't caught until after her first surgery and she suffered a heart attack. She was in open heart surgery for 10 hours...and her chest was left open for 4 days. As I was reading your blog...all the memories came back to me. Madyson just made a year old..and today is exactly 1 year since her first heart surgery. Next month will make a year from her second..the open heart one. I walked in your shoes a year ago..and they are the worst shoes to walk in. But we hung onto the word of God just as you are and He got us through it. He is the ONLY thing that will get you both through this. After open heart surgery, after ECMO, after the chest closure...everything is a rollercoaster. Our nurses and dr.'s told us this..they told us to expect things to get better and to get worse..but we listened to only one physician and that is the Great Physician. We knew what He said about Madysona and her life. Please know that you are all in our thoughts..We are praying for you and for baby Cate. And Ali, from one mother to will be ok. I wish I could hug you and let you feel my heart when I say this...Cate, although sedated can hear you. When Mady was sedated and "paralyzed" on Norcuron..right before they took her to have her big surgery...I was devistated. I put my finger in her little hand...she was 8 weeks old...and she squeezed my finger. My husband took pictures...but it was like she was telling me she would be ok. And while she was recovering, sedated & "paralyzed" I would always sing "Itsy, Bitsy, Spider" to her...when they finally took her off her meds. to wake her up..& I would sing that song to her..she would just be so still and look at calmed her down...and a year later it still does. Ali, I am here is you need to talk to someone who understands you. I know we are strangers, but our children make us friends. Many prayers are coming your way...Keep being strong Cate. We all love you.
The Johnson Family

Jamie Orillion said...

you guys are in our prayers!

Jennifer said...

Your daughter is in our prayers.

Melanie Barousse said...

We've been keeping up with the blogs and Adam lets us know as he gets a text! You are all in our prayers,especially Cate. We are there with you in spirit! By the way, Jake is now seen at TCH and we are very impressed with them. You are in good hands!
Mimi (Adam's mom)

Anonymous said...

Charlie & Ali-
David and I are just getting ready to go to our prayer meeting and we will put Cate and both of you on our prayer list! May God continue to give you His strength and may Mother Mary wrap you in her mantel of peace. Your faith and your witness is beautiful!!
Love and Prayers -
David, Laurie, Julia,Emily, Christina, Annette and Audrey Peterman

Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali,
You had a church full of St. Laurence parishioners praying for Baby Cate at 12:45. We are continuing our prayers for you. We love you guys (y'all) so much!
Yvette, Larry, Jordan and Joseph Muller

Anonymous said...

Charlie, Ali, Ella, and Dude:

We have been praying for you. Thank you for keeping us updated. Your strength and faith are an inspiration. May Our Blessed Mother and Jesus wrap you in their mantles of love and peace.

The Laine Family
Laura, Greg, Eric and Melanie

Anonymous said...

ali, charlie,and sweet baby cate,
my prayers are for you all.....and will continue to be.....happy fathers day charlie and i love you connie c.

Jenn (Butler) Routh said...

We are praying Charlie and Ali! Your witness of faith and love for your family and Our Lord is so inspiring!

Love and prayers,
Jenn & Joey Routh

Chari said...

We are on our way to Mass...offering it up for Cate & y'all. Much love to you, & Happy Father's Day...Let "OUR Father" sustain you on your day.