Sunday, November 18, 2007

Oh Happy Day 11/18/2007

Good Morning to all! As I tiredly sip on my cup of java (homemade, aint no starbucks in Rayne, Louisiana folks) there is something that is bringing my heart indescribeable joy. Baby Cate will be home soon! It was bitter sweet news that we received because it was accompanied with the results of an Echocardiogram of Baby Cate's heart which discovered a third hole in her heart. Her Cardiologist was not all too concerned with the findings. She said that this is why Cate needs to be monitored so close because as her little heart grows they will be able to see more of what is going on with her development. All that being said Ali and I are both THRILLED that our little girl will be home soon, we are ready, the kids are ready, its time. Ella, our 4 year old, walked up to Ali the other day with her fairy god mother magic wand and told Ali that she wanted her to take the wand to the hospital and take a picture of Baby Cate with the wand. It was as if she was testing Ali to see if Baby Cate was real, "take my toy and i wanna see my toy in a picture with this suspected baby, mom, yall might be trying to pull a fast one on me." Everynight around 10pm or 11pm we call the ICU for the evening update. This is where we get her weight gain for the day, how many ounces she took in the afternoon feeds. The past two nights she has consistently gained weight, she is now up to 6.14lbs only 3 little ounces from her birth weight. Cate already has her first Cardiologist appointment scheduled, which will be a weekly affair for her in weeks, months, and years to come. I have to run right now because we are going drop the kids off at a friends house so we can go visit Baby Cate this morning, I did get to see her yesterday, it was opening day of Deer Season, look,I know what you are thinking, HOW COULD YOU GO DEER HUNTING, but I am following Dr.'s orders, her Dr. told me to treat her like I would treat any of the other kids, I didn't see them yesterday either;) We, as a family, appreciate everything that yall have done for us, our fridge is full, and not to mention our stomachs, our hearts are peaceful from your prayers to our father, and a that faith is strong because that is what God is asking and giving to us right now. Ali and I offered our Mass and Eucharist this morning for all of you and your intentions, who have prayed for us and Baby Cate. I put some new pictures on our flickr account of Baby Cate with Ella's magic wand.


Anonymous said...

Charlie and Ali - This is such good news that she is coming home very soon. Please know that we are praying. At Mass this morning I offered her up at the moment of consecration and I just know that God has His Arms wrapped solidly around Cate and her whole family.

Love you guys.

Jane W

Anonymous said...

Charlie, Ali, Ella, Dude and Baby Cate
We are so happy to hear the good news about Baby Cate's home coming. We have been keeping up with Baby Cate's blog and all the Cantrell humor. We want you to know (as I am sure you do) we are hear for you at any time. Benjamin has added Baby Cate and your family into his prayers before bedtime every night and so have we.
We Love Yall and can't wait to hold that little angel.
With All Our Love
Ben, Amy and Benjamin Dupre