Friday, November 30, 2007

Dr.'s Appt Update 11/30/2007

Good afternoon to all! Well, Baby Cate had her first cardiologist appointment on Wednesday as many of you know and were praying for. She is doing great! She gained 5oz in a week which Dr. Dalal was pleased with. They did an EKG and the results came back good. They did not do an echocardiogram because the dr. did not feel it necessary because of her progress. Her blood oxygen levels were in the mid to high 90's with a 100 being the highest it can be. She said that Cate's heart seems to be adjusting well as she continues to grow and that we would not have to go back for another visit for 3 weeks, as long as Cate behaves herself. The visit was a big relief for her mom and I, just to know that after being home for a week, in our crazy house, that Cate was doing well. It is surpising that she is doing as well as she is due to the fact that she is constantly harrassed by her older siblings. Her brother stood in front of her swing yesterday in his spiderman halloween costume screaming at her to see if he could get a rise, but he eventually gave up and went on to terrorize our pour cat, who is going straight to kitty heaven for all she puts up with so patiently from him. Just a couple of funny Cantrell kid stories, mainly cause they make me laugh. Our parents were at the house for thanksgiving and my mother-in-law was tell us the story of when they had taken the Ella and Dude to Seasame Street and then had a picnic afterward. Ella and Dude were running around playing chase and Ella tripped and fell. She quickly responded, "Awe Damit" my mother-in-law very calmly repsonded, "Ella, that is not a very nice word for a pretty little girl like you to say," to which Ella quickly fired back, "Well, Nana, sometimes when I say that word, people laugh." Well, the sunday after thanksgiving was the typical lazy sunday around the Cantrell house. The kids were watch cartoons and Ali and I were in the kitchen having coffee and chatting. I yelled in to the kids, "Five minutes and the TV goes off," then we hear a sweet little voice say, "Awe Damit," to which Ali and I did quietly laugh, I called Ella into the kitchen and said, "Ella, you really should not use that word, its not very nice," and she said, "Well, Dad, neither should you when you are talking on the phone." I said well, your right Daddy shouldn't say that word. KIDS! I picked "Dude" up from the Babysitters on wednesday afternoon, he loves to ride in "Daddy's Big Truck." He rolls the window up and down, up and down. He had gotten quiet back there so I turn around to see what he was up to and he had my cd case open on the side of him and was pressing two cds tightly to his ears, I would guess to see if he could hear them. When he realized that they were not working, he quickly decided to despose of them and flung them both out the window. Now, I don't know how many "broken" ones he had found before I notice what he was doing and rolled up his window and locked it. That's my boy, if its broken, throw it away! Well, yall stay tuned more to come. Until next time, watch what you say on the phone and don't let dude near your cd collections.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA!!!! i love reading these blogs and look forward to when they are updated!! praise God for Cate and her news! Good girl!! Yeah, so that has happened to me with the swear words and the repetition of it...but also, the times when my children try to learn the word "fork" and they yell the incorrect version for all to hear in any public restaurant that has a "fuk"...lovely!

anyway, much love to you guys! so excited about your news!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the great news. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers daily. She is adorable, by the way!


Anonymous said...

whew...Maria and I were talking yesterday and wondering about the results of Cate's Cardio visit. I love the blood O2 levels. Charlie, this is awesome. Father Seelos, in the name of Jesus, we ask for a complete miracle of healing! In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Hey...loved the stories about the lambs. Sitting here LOL.

Give my love to Ali.
Love you, Charlie, my sweet brother in Christ. Call if you need!

Ms. Laura

courtney said...

hey charlie & ali,
your family is so amazing. there's nothing like you guys...and i mean that as a complete compliment.
i just can't wait to hear the stories of cate cantrell as she grows up! if she takes after her older brother and sister at all, we're going to be in for some great stories...and you guys are going to have your hands full(er). cannot wait!
jeremy and i lift cate and the family up in prayer daily.
love you