Sunday, November 18, 2007

A little bit of Back Story

As Ali and I talked over coffee this morning about Baby Cate's Blog, Ali mentioned that many of you have joined the story midway through, in a way. She said that she wanted you all to know what a journey and what a fighter Baby Cate has been since her conception. So here is a little flash back for you to the beginning of this story. It has been a real journey of Faith for our family. When Ali was about 12 weeks pregnant we went to the Dr. for a normal check up and ultra sound. As we stood looking at the alien like figure on the screen, our hearts filled with joy, its little hearts was beating, Ali and I squeezed each others hand and smiled. The ultrasound tech then asked us if Ali had been sick or if our kids had been sick. Either one of them hadn't been, the ultrasound tech told us that the baby appeared to have "high drops" which is a condition that occurs from the baby being exposed to a virus. Fluid had gathered around the brain and she told us that babies who had this condition typically terminate or miscarry around five month. Our joy turned quickly to sorrow. We went that day to see a specialist who confirmed that there were some issues and at around 16 weeks we would be able to see have an amniosentisis to determine more definitively what was going on. Ali and I left the Dr.'s office and cried, talked and prayed. For the first time I think I began to truly learn what surrender meant. I had talked about it time and time again, but I never really could wrap my head around what it truly meant. That day began our journey into embracing surrender. A dear friend that we had talked to brought over a third class relic, a prayer candle, and a novena book of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos. I had never heard of him, but our friend swore by his intercession. Ali, being a very devout person to the Saints intercession began asking Fr. Seelos to pray for our unborn child. Blessed Seelos worked as a redemptris priest here in Louisiana at a parish in New Orleans and there is a Shrine where his bones lay in repose there. Our friend Andrea said that we had to visit the shrine and pray with the cross that holds a relic of Blessed Seelos, so we did. It was an amazing experience and we continued to pray for his intercession. God spoke to Ali and I telling us that the amniocentisis was not necessary, that we must believe in his providence for us and our baby. So, we did, we declined to have the amnio and continued praying. With each Dr.'s visit the baby grew and things looked better and better. Around five months the dr. told us that the baby no longer had a chance of miscarrying and that the fluid around the head was gone and that we would be welcoming a little girl into our family. The last visit six month, everything looked Great! Even the Dr. said, "Guys, we may be looking at a Miracle here!" It has been a journey for sure, one I don't think I would do any other way. I have learned to truly trust in God's voice in our life, marriage, and even as he spoke through our children. I have also learned the powerful intercession of the Saints in heaven, who are there to pray on our behalf. We will name the baby Catherine Francis, after Fr. Francis Seelos. I encourage you to look up info on Fr. Seelos, and ask his intercession for your intentions. He was an awesome humble priest who used to sleep on the pew of the Church in case anyone came during the night for assistance he would be there to help them. I thank all of you who have prayed for us and continue to pray for us and our little girl and I thank Fr. Fancis Seelos for his constant prayer for our little girl. Below you will find the regular update for today titled "Oh Happy Day." Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, Pray for us.


Anonymous said...

I am incredibly touched by your story. I ran across the group on Facebook and decided to check it out. When I found out what your last name was, I was immediately interested because a very close friend of mine has that same name, and gave birth to a baby boy named Charlie over a year ago. Your families have a lot of similarities, you both have abounding Faith and beautiful families. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your story touched my heart and gave me hope. Your sweet daughter will be in my prayers. Congratulations on her coming home, I know you must be incredibly excited. The photographs are beautiful, you all are truly blessed. Thank you for having the faith to let God take the situation into His hands, there was no better choice.

Anonymous said...

i just got goose bumps at the last e-mail b/c it is just another glimpse of how your daughter is touching lives that you don't even know! your witness and example is touching lives as well! we love you!!

Anonymous said...

you guys...cate is just gorgeous! i just looked at the newest pics you posted..she is just getting prettier and prettier by the day!! our little girl on the way may just have some competition for baby noah berman! what a looker she her mama!


mary jane said...

I will ask the "Seelos Prayer Warriors" to pray for Catherine Francis. Just found your story about Baby Cate. A couple of years ago, a lady named Iris in France had a complicated pregnancy after a miscarriage. Blessed Seelos' relic and prayer card were sent by her friend Kirsten, that I worked with. Iris delivered a healthy baby thanks to the intercession of Blessed Seelos!
Have you ever seen the movie,
"Seelos, Tireless Intercessor"?
To see a video on YOU TUBE, go to
I'd like to invite you to the Seelos Birthday Healing Mass on Sunday, January 13, at 1:00 PM. Families come from all parts of Louisiana and beyond...even Texas!
God Bless, Mary Jane, Seelos Shrine Volunteer

Jamie Gauer said...

I hope you are still checking your blog because I would like to communicate with you. My husband and I received news in July that our 22 week old unborn baby did not develope kidneys and would die hours after birth. We are due Dec. 4 and are praying through the intercession of Blessed Louis & Zelie Martin, the parents of St. Therese who were JUST beatified last Sunday! I would like to send you a prayer card for our little one. Let me know.

Blessings to your family,
Jamie Gauer