Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Atta Girl

Atta girl, is all I could think all day today. Last night we called the ICU to check on Baby Cate and her nurse said that she had gained 2 ounces. It may sound like a just a small thing but when she has daily lost weight over the past week for her to stop losing and start gaining is step one. We went this morning and I got to feed her morning meal of mommy's milk, yum. She ate 57cc's which is almost 2 ounces! I then had to go to work, but Ali stayed and they said that Baby Cate nursed for twenty minutes and then took 11 ounces from a bottle. I stopped by this afternoon and on my way home from work and they had taken her feeding tube OUT! Your PRAYERS ARE WORKING, keep them coming. Ok, that is the progress of Baby Cate since yesterday, but I do have a couple of funny Cantrell family stories that are caused by Baby Cate.
The other morning before the kids woke up Ali dedcided to go on and pump as to not to do it while the kids were around because she did not feel the need to begin to explain breast feeding to our 4 year old and 2 1/2 year old. Well, of course they woke up and came downstairs while Ali was in full stride of pumping. The proceeded to walk around her, checkin out the situation. Charlie Thomas of course felt the need and the ability to fully assist in the this matter. So, there my wife is sitting on the floor with two curious georges starring in wonder. The Ali proceeds to explain that this is milk that Baby Cate eats, but its nasty to kids like you, we have to make that disclaimer or Charlie T. will give is a shot. To which Ella responded, Mom, your "elbows" are big and they keep moving. Ali, thought to herself, I don't mind if she goes to school and says that Mommy has big elbows.
Today was one of those days that I am glad I don't have low self esteem. I got home from work Ali and I were catching up on the days events. She tells me that Becca, who has been a huge help during these crazy times and Ali's little sister, told her that a friend of hers at school said that she had joined Baby Cates Facebook page. Jenny, Ali's middle sister who has been our medical translator during the past week, said that she had heard at UL about Baby Cate's Facebook page. I was like Baby Cate has a facebook page, wow so of course I checked it out. And to my shock and a good blow to the old ego, my little girl had more friends that me! People that i have not seen or talk to in YEARS. She truly has people praying in almost every state! My daughter who has been alive for 6 days, who has never left the ICU or seen the outside world has more friends than her old man!
Well, we are going to be hitting the sack in the next little while, to all Baby Cate's prayer supporters, please keep it up. You prayers are working and we are truly awed and amazed!


Darla said...

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie - wooboy, you make me cry AND laugh! Baby Cate remains a constant prayer, in our thoughts throughout our day. We love you all so much!
Ennie and Darla Hickman

Laura said...

You and Ali are so such a beautiful witness of faith, Charlie. Baby Cate and the rest of your little flock remain in my prayers....even as I type this message. Be at peace in His everlasting love and faithfulness for you and yours. Ms. Laura

Jane DeBlieux said...

Charlie and Ali - This is the 1st day I have been able to access the blog...at work it is blocked and for some reason Tommy's computer wouldn't allow it at first. Now, I feel like I know more about what is going on. We have been praying hard for you guys. Cate is beautiful and it sounds like you've got a fighter on your hands...I'm not surprised! Your little girl and the rest of your family are in our prayers. Tommy said that he spoke with you the other day. We hope to see you all very soon.

Much love from all the DeBlieux's


Jane DeBlieux said...

Forgot to tell you but wanted you both to know that we are going to the Parent Life Night tonight at STM. STM parents meet in the chapel to pray and worship. Please know that we will invite all present to lift Cate and all of you up in prayer tonight. Love you guys.