Friday, July 18, 2008

Cate's Account Information

Greetings to all! This is just information that we needed to pass along to you all. First and foremost to all those who have supported our family financially and contributed to Cate's fund so generously we want to again say THANK YOU! Due to Chase bank policy because the account was opened while Cate was at Texas Children's Hospital we had to close the account due to her passing. There are still people making deposits in the account and we did not want anyone to think that we were trying to pull a fast one when they got Chase to make a deposit and the bank tells them that the account as been closed. We had to close it because of Cate's death. If you would like to still contribute to Cate's Memorial fund you may mail your contribution to the address below. We are NOT asking for contributions we just wanted to make everyone aware of WHY we had to close the account. Again, thank you to every who has generously given to our little family in our time of need. Once all Cate's medical and funeral expenses are paid any proceeds remaining will be used continue Cate's legacy. We love you all! Much Love, The Cantrells

The Cantrell Family
P.O. Box 52978
Lafayette, La 70505

This is in Addition to New Blog Posted yesterday afternoon 07/17/08

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